April Fool’s Silly Supper Sideshow {Free Printables}

Come one! Come All!  The gentlemen of the household awoke to find invitations to a Silly Supper Sideshow on the breakfast table…

March 2013 678 copy
At six p.m. sharp, I ushered the anxious attendees to the porch …
March 2013 691 copy
… where they sat down to place their orders for the guaranteed four course fiasco!

March 2013 687 copy
March 2013 682 copy
Going from the silly descriptions, they placed their orders for all four courses at the beginning of the meal.  They had to get each item one time and couldn’t have any repeats.
March 2013 696
March 2013 697
I had prepared everything earlier in the day and had it in the kitchen in covered dishes.  It was a little crazy the first go round, but once I figured out my system it went pretty quickly.

Honey, ever the puzzler, did pretty well with his selections.  His first course consisted of rabbit rations (lettuce), pre-pickle (cucumber), skinny dip (dressing), a debris duster (napkin) and a canoodle (spoon).  He didn’t order anything to drink though!
March 2013 699 copy
Most of the courses were much more hysterical.  A few of my favorites were this one …

March 2013 701 copy
… and this one full of eating implements and salad dressing!
March 2013 702 copy
When served on a regular day, the supper would consist of salad, ham, potatoes, broccoli and strawberry shortcake.
March 2013 680 copy
It was a crazy fun evening and one we’ll definitely do again.  I mean, they’ve already asked for a repeat tomorrow night, for crying out loud!
March 2013 704 copy
I know it’s a whole 365 days away, but if you’d like to recreate the fun for your family, click on the link below to download the file with the invitation, menus, food key and course cards.

download free printables >>> silly supper sideshow

I can’t take credit for thinking up this silly supper idea.  I originally read about the Fool’s Cafe on the My Insanity blog last year.  I loved it so much that I made a note on my calendar so I wouldn’t forget.


I hope y’all had a fun April Fool’s Day.  It’s just the sort of holiday we love celebrating around these parts.  And with everyone finally well and the gorgeous spring weather, it was triple the fun!!

Everything April Fools… No Foolin’

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  1. I love your blog and all of your ideas, you are so talented! I am working on my sons birthday party and have been searching high and low for a specific font and you used it on this invite! By any chance would you know the name of it? This frustrated momma needs help!
    Thank you so much!!!

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