I feel so thankful that our community has a cotillion program to help teach the little ones manners, respect, and responsibility.  We try to instill these qualities at home but I think there is something so powerful about learning and honing these skills outside of the home with a group of your peers.  Cotillion is four… Read More

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Lori’s Lentil Bruschetta

My fun friend Lori is also a fabulous cook.  Like… an I’ve-never-eaten-anything-even-remotely-bad-at-her-house kind of cook.  HA!  She seems to just create her own recipes, while I am the person that triple checks every ingredient and measurement while cooking.  She whipped this lentil bruschetta type dip up a couple of months ago and I’ve been hooked… Read More

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It’s the weekend, y’all!!  Yippee!!!  We don’t have a whole lot planned and that is a-ok with me. I am SO in love with the special merchandise for Disney’s Flower and Garden Festival.  How CUTE is that Dooney print?! This has been our sitch lately.  HA! I managed to hobble around Target, knee injury and… Read More

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