Magical Monday {Beauty and the Beast in Magic Kingdom}

With Beauty and the Beast on my mind and the soundtrack on repeat, I thought I’d round up a little guide on the top four places in Magic Kingdom to immerse yourself in everything Beauty and the Beast!


Be Our Guest is my family’s number one table service dining location in Magic Kingdom.


Be Our Guest is located in Beast’s castle hidden away in the back corner of Fantasyland.  On arrival, check in at the podium on the park side of the bridge leading to the castle.  There will be complimentary water near the entrance doors.  When your party is called Lumiere will light the way to your table.

Advance reservations are all but required for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they are not easy to come by.  When your reservation opens for dining at 180 days in advance, I recommend planning Be Our Guest towards the end of your trip and booking your table at this restaurant first before other easier to get reservations.

For breakfast and lunch you are able to preorder your meal before arriving.   You will receive an email when it is time to do this, or you will notice a link pop up next to your reservation in My Disney Experience.  I highly recommend doing this to avoid waiting in the always lengthy line to order.

There are three separate dining areas inside of Beast’s castle.  When you first enter, you will be swept away by The Grand Ballroom.  This magnificent ballroom has high, domed ceiling, chandeliers and snow-laced Gothic arches.  Look closely and you will notice snow gently falling outside of the windows.


Beast’s mysterious West Wing study is located to the left of the Grand Ballroom.  It is dark and gloomy inside.  If you are lucky you will see Beast’s portrait magically change. You will also want to be sure and see the petals falling from the enchanted rose.  This room may be a bit too scary for the littlest guests.

The third room, located to the right of the Grand Ballroom, is the Castle Gallery.  Here in Belle’s private library you will get swept up in the romance of the larger-than-life figures of Belle and Beast dancing.

At breakfast and lunch you are free to choose your own table and your food will magically find you.  Remember, the castle is alive!  At dinner you will be seated by a hostess.  If you can score a table near the window in the Grand Ballroom, that is my first choice.  Otherwise I love Beast’s study!

The food is quite good at all three meals, but lunch and dinner are my favorites.  The Disney Dining Plan is accepted here, as is Tables in Wonderland.  At dinner, Be Our Guest does serve alcoholic beverages.  If you missed it, watch my tutorial on how to recreate the napkin rose fold!


In addition to the yummy food, the fact that you can meet Beast in his library at dinner is what makes this my favorite time of day to go!  After you finish your meal, you may proceed to his library to meet him.  In addition to meeting him one on one here, he does walk through the restaurant periodically but he does not stop at tables and he does not sign autographs.

You will notice a difference in Beast these days if you met him prior to February.  He has trimmed down a bit, changed the look of his face some, and gotten new clothes to coincide with the live action film.  This was last September…


No matter what meal you eat or what room you choose, be sure to take some time to explore his castle.  It is quite enchanted and a few things really do seem to be alive :-)


The last thing I wanted to share was a real life magical moment earlier this month when Josh Gad (LeFou and the voice of Olaf) surprised guests at Be Our Guest when he popped in to sing Be Our Guest.  HOW COOL!


One of my favorite attractions in all of Magic Kingdom is Enchanted Tales with Belle.  Here you get to explore Maurice’s cottage and workshop—home to mementos and gadgets—before being magically transported to the Beast’s library. Once there, the castle comes alive and you will be invited to play a part in her story!

In this intimate setting, all of the littlest guests are invited to have a role.  They act out Belle’s story of how she fell in love with Beast.

And then each child takes a photo with Belle and is given a special keepsake bookmark.

A photopass photographer is on hand and will give you a card from the session.  I highly recommend using a fast pass for this attraction as it does move rather slowly.  The only downside of the fast pass is that you don’t get to explore Maurice’s cottage in the early part of the queue.  This is the only place in Magic Kingdom to meet Belle.



The manliest of manly places, Gaston’s Tavern is one of our favorite hidden gems in the back of new Fantasyland.  We love it for a late morning breakfast or late afternoon snack.

Inside is very Gaston.  I mean, he does use antlers in all of his decorating.



Our snack of choice is the huge warm cinnamon roll with a refreshing LeFou’s Brew (non-alcoholic apple flavored frozen beverage).  They also serve things like veggies, fruit cups and hummus with pretzel chips.

You will find Gaston meeting guests outside of his tavern.



Rounding out the Beauty and the Beast offerings in Magic Kingdom is the Festival of Fantasy Parade.  This parade rolls daily each afternoon.  It is a wonderful parade with magnificent floats, catchy music and all of your favorite characters – Belle and Beast included!  The parade starts in Frontierland, rounds past Cinderella Castle and the hub, and down Main Street before finishing near the Fire Station.  There is really no bad spot to see this parade.  I would recommend Frontierland and Liberty Square for smaller crowds compared to the castle hub and Main Street.  Another great viewing spot is the top of the train station if you can get there early OR the new Tiana’s Riverboat Party for a unique perspective.

Before I go, I have to say that I finally saw the movie last week (thank you bestie S for the wonderful last birthday treat) and it was amazing.  It is beautifully done and I savored every second.  I am really itching to go again because I felt like I couldn’t see it all the first go round.  If you are curious, I will not take Whit to see it.  He is very sensitive and would be scared by the extremely realistic wolf scene, as well as some of the early Beast scenes.   {Beast Clutch |  More BATB Favorites}

I hope y’all have a magical Monday!


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