The Place {40×41}

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve shared an update on this.  Slowly but surely I’m finishing (or finally sharing) the remaining items on my 40×41 bucket list.  Today we’re crossing off #19: Become a regular somewhere (a place where I will go every week and they know me and I will go there for years and years).

After hopping around coffee shops, shops and local restaurants and trying SO hard to find a place that I loved being, I realized a long while back that the little nail salon around the corner is “the place”.  (lovely, unstaged, unedited photo to follow…. I wasn’t going to ask anyone to pose for my silly post/picture)

The lady that owns it, Holly, is funny, kind, authentic and extremely hard working.  She knows me by name when I call and always makes me feel right at home the moment I walk through the door.  Her mother and husband both work along side her, and her precious daughter is often there playing or napping.  I don’t go every week, or even every other week, but every time I walk through that door I feel welcomed and valued and even loved.  It isn’t fancy and it isn’t even a local “best of”, but it is a place I look forward to going very, very much!




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