Happy Mother’s Day

I so wish that I could be with my mother today.  I haven’t seen her since February and I think that is the longest it’s ever been.  She’s my best friend, my role model, my tireless helper and one of my biggest cheerleaders.  She worked so hard her whole life to make a wonderful life for my sister and I.  I cannot wait to see her very, very soon!!!!!!!!!!!

And, when Mother’s Day comes around each year, in addition to feeling so thankful for MY  mom, I can’t help but also feel so incredibly blessed to be a mother myself.


John was my miracle baby, as we came to learn a few years later, defying odds to make me a mother in 2005.  I don’t remember clearly all the specifics of my labor, but I vividly remember the night a few weeks after he was born that I realized how incredibly blessed I was to be a mother, how grateful I was that he was healthy, and how I had never felt a love so deep and fierce and unwavering.

And Whit was the child I prayed for and wanted for more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my life.  He has been nothing but a joy from the moment I laid eyes on him.  All 9 lbs of him! He’s so unlike me in every single way and I just marvel at the things he says, does and thinks.

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of the moms out there.  Happy Mother’s Day to the moms of angels and Happy Mother’s Day to those that have lost their moms.  My heart aches for you.  Happy Mother’s Day to the fur baby moms and the step moms.  Happy Mother’s Day to the birth moms and to the moms by adoption.   You are such strong, amazing women.  Happy Mother’s Day to the Mr. Moms.  And, Happy Mother’s Day to all that play a mom role in the life of someone else.  <3



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