Easy DIY Cards for Kids

It has been so nice and springy out this week that it *almost* has me agreeing to another camping excursion with the littles.  Almost.  I have had these cute little DIY popsicle playing cards in the drafts folder of my blog since last August and figure it’s a great time to share with spring around the corner.


To make them, all you need are a bag of at least 52 popsicle sticks that are wide and about 6″ long and 2 sharpie type markers of different colors (linked to my fave set that I use ALL the time).  I forewent the traditional black and red for blue and pink.  Simply write on the end of each stick the 2 through Ace and the suit.  I did my best at free handing the little diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades.  I carted mine on our Stone Mountain camping trip in a large mason jar!

Not only are these fun for camping since they don’t blow away and are easy for little hands to hold, but they are great for picnics, keeping in the car for ball games AND for using in classrooms.

On the 40 bags in 40 days front, I’ve got to catch up on yesterday’s (the porch) and tackle todays (the lower kitchen cabinets).  It’s a rockin’ Friday night around here.


Around Atlanta |  Stone Mountain Campground


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