Summer Fun {3 Step Slime}

I’m back with the boys right on schedule (whew!) with this week’s installment of our summer fun series.  As I mentioned last week, these two have plans to become “professional you tubers” one day.  After letting them take the reins this week I think they need to beef up their excitement level a bit.  And perhaps comb their hair and put their shirts on right side out.  HA!


Slime Recipe

1/2 cup elmers glue (go ahead and purchase the big bottle as it is much more economical)
1/2 cup liquid starch (again, get the big one)
1/2 cup water
Mix ins like food coloring, glitter and foam balls – Mine love the color and foam balls.

  1. In a medium sized bowl, completely mix water and glue.
  2. Add in food color, glitter and/or foam balls.  We use about 1/2 cup of foam balls when adding those.
  3. Mix in liquid starch.  You will need to use your hands.  The more you work it the less sticky and stringy it gets!

CLICK TO TWEET: In this week’s Summer Fun video series get SLIMED with 3 ingredients and 3 steps! @_DixieDelights_


  • I cover my table with an oil cloth table cloth.
  • Use a plastic bowl with a lid for mixing.  Then use the same bowl for storing it.  You can also use a zip top bag.
  • Use plastic spoons so you can just toss them.

Stay tuned for next week’s shenanigans!


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CLICK TO TWEET: In this week’s Summer Fun video series get SLIMED with 3 ingredients and 3 steps! @_DixieDelights_

liquid starch  |  glue  |  foam balls
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