Favorite Plants + Tips for Every Black Thumb

I mentioned last week that we are so looking forward to Whit’s first communion in May.  Well, there’s nothing like a party to spur you into action, right?!  I got right to work this weekend planting SPRING in my pots!!  I have to say, it felt SO good and looks SO good already.  I wanted to go ahead and share because after much trial and error, I have a small little set of plants that I go to year over year for my pots.

On the front porch I have had loads of luck with a basic fern.  They tend to last me from March through Christmas on my covered front porch and I water them 1-2 times per week.  I do try to sit them out in the open when I know rain is coming.

I still use my driveway sitting area a ton between watching the littles play outside and drinking a glass of wine while Honey grills.  I’m hoping to find two new chairs, paint that table again and possibly add an umbrella but we shall see how the time and money unfold.  HA!  It looks decent in this pic, but weather and years have done a number on everything pictured.  :-)

All of my pots are resin to look like clay and I have had ALL of them since well before we moved here 8 years ago.  So, they hold up well.  None of them started off black.  I give them a good coat of spray paint every couple of years.  In fact, I ran the paint over all of these before planting in them.  I started out this post under the premise of sharing my favorite plants but, laughably, I have no clue what that spikey grassy thing is in the middle.  I buy it every year and it does GREAT!  Here I have it paired with two green potato vines and about 6 small white petunias.

Also on the driveway is our friend’s entry via the garage.  Because a friend’s entry sounds so much more fabulous.  In real life our friends just come straight in the the almost-always-open garage.

This pot is a bit more shaded than the other one out here because of the door overhang and the way the sun sets.  I always plant my two shamrocks (that I buy in early March for indoor St. Patrick’s Day decor) here with more white petunias.  They last until the first frost.  I have noticed that they usually look pretty bad right after planting but then perk back up shortly thereafter.

I keep three pots on the stairs going up to the porch.  These are also resin but I purchased them at Target 4-ish years ago.  I don’t paint these :-)  I love to plant the same white petunias here, along with green and purple potato vine.  And that spikey grassy thing I don’t know the name of.

The blue bulbs were found at Target years ago as well.  You fill them up with water and it helps keep them moist between actual waterings.

To sum things up…

  • I use resin pots and spray paint them black every few years.
  • I use moisture control potting soil to help in the incredibly hot summers.
  • I like to put 2-3 different things into each pot.  Here are my favorites:
    • Flower – My favorite flower is the white petunia.  Be sure to pick the dead blooms off periodically.  They do get leggy by late summer but last from March until then.
    • Spiller – My addition to spill over the sides is the potato vine.  I do trim it down because I don’t like things draped all on the ground though.  The potato vine lasts until it freezes and really fills in the pot.  I like this with the petunia because when the petunia starts look terrible in late summer you can just pull that out and the potato vine as pretty much filled the whole pot in.  I love the green and purple varieties and use both.
    • Height – The last thing I like to have is something to give a little height.  I feel SO bad that I don’t know the name of that green grassy thing but it is a great option for this.
  • I do not religiously water my pots and they do well.  I have put some of the water bulbs in a few of them and that definitely helps.
  • I stick to green and white in all of my flowers and shrubs and pots because I like things that match.  HA!  I also decorate for every holiday and it would slay me to have pink flowering pots with a candy corn on my door.

From one black thumb to possibly a few more, I sincerely hope this helps :-)  And, if YOU have a favorite flower, shrub or the likes for hot humid southern summers, please share with us in the comments!!



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