Sunday Supper

A few months ago I started a tradition we call Sunday Supper around these parts.  I make a yummy meal, not necessarily fancy, and we eat in the dining room off of good china, use the silver, practice our manners, have John lead prayer, and just enjoy each other’s company.  Even when the company involves strange boy noises, funny faces and shrieks for various reasons.

I am a few Sundays behind, and not all are even remotely worth documenting.  But, this particular week we dined on pulled pork over cheddar grits with a side of butter beans and sweet tea.  Doesn’t get more Southern than that!  This yummy and perfectly easy meal did not disappoint – all of the boys gobbled it up.

Perfectly Easy Pulled Pork
Lightly spray your crock pot, add a 3-4 lb. Boston butt, pour an 18-oz. bottle of barbeque sauce and a 12-oz. can of Coke over the top.  Cook on low 8 hours.  Have Honey shred with forks.

A picture is not worth a thousand words in this instance…I now fully understand why there are professions such as “food photographer” and “food stylist.”  Take my word for it – it is delish!

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  Two playdates, DR check-ups for both boys and myself, Bunco and a party at 5 Seasons made for a super fun, but awfully exhausting week.

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I Survived

Little John had his first sleep over this past weekend. And I survived!!! It sure does help that I’ve known his buddy’s mommy N for seventeen years and that she’s one of my very best friends in the whole wide world.  Not only am I completely confident in her parenting skills (I often find myself… Read More

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Vision and Goals

When we purchased our forty year old home that boasted a “finished basement” clearly they were using the term “finished” lightly.  I refused to step foot in it, much less take a picture of it.  Hence, I have only a couple of pictures to help document just how far this space has come. Exhibit A:… Read More

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