Skinny Tea

Since the monsoons of last week have passed, we’ve enjoyed purely blissful days down South and I’ve traded in my pot of hot Paris tea in the morning for iced sweet teas or Arnold Palmers in the afternoon.  A sensational addition to the hours I’ve spent with the littles going hog wild riding bikes, digging in the sand, scootering, shooting nerfs, drawing with chalk and frolicking on the play set. 

So with summer time sweet teas on my mind, I’ve been awaiting with bated breath Firefly Distellery‘s NEW Skinny Tea!  Of genuine Southern heritage and bottled right next door in South Carolina, Firefly Sweet Tea vodka, mixed with a little sweet tea, a bit of lemonade or a splash of both, has been our go-to summer spirit since it hit store shelves a few years back.  Without calories or carbs, Skinny Tea is perfectly positioned for those sweltering summer nights during bathing suit season. *sigh…it’s nearly upon us*

This is huge, y’all.  And so-Southern!

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Swirly Goodness

Our day started at the crack of dawn with a Mommy/PCP date including breakfast at Waffle House followed by Kindergarten registration at the very same school Honey attended back in the day.  (This whole sending my baby off to school in August is becoming more and more real by the week.) After relieving Uncle C… Read More

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Strange Happenings

I’ve long been a subscriber to the theory that bad things come in threes, and I’m now convinced that strange happenings must follow the same eerie edict after three occurrences in three weeks… Malicious Mail So I’m bee-bopping along as I do on most days, happily chatting away to bestie N on the phone while… Read More

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Easter Decor

Spring is here!  Honey sweetly pulled my Easter bins out of the attic last night and I hopped to work to surprise the littles with Easter sweets and treats when they awoke this morning. Nothing says Easter to me like gorgeous white flowers in a spring basket and crisp white ribbons festooning our entry way… Read More

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