Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

He slept in undies!  He slept in undies!  Hip hip hooray!!

After months and months of prodding, bribing, begging and pleading, John went a whole week without a pull up!!  It is worth mentioning that, for the last six months, he usually would wake up dry, think to himself that he needed to potty, check for a pull up and leisurely take care of his business from the warm comfort of his own bed.  He would then take off the wet pull up and hide it in one of many creative spots in his room… behind the door, under the bed, in the closet, on the book shelf.  Oh, how I’ve missed the pull up search each and every morning :-)

For months, we have promised a trip to Chuck E. Cheese as a reward for changing this habit and achieving one dry week of pull ups.  Totally by accident he ended up sleeping in undies two nights in a row last week.  On the third night we thought, why not?!?  So, we knowingly put him to bed in undies and he still woke up dry!

Since the dry week concluded on Christmas Eve, and we are in Savannah where the Chuck E. Cheese is probably about as sanitary as a wet pull up, we opted for a fun family lunch at The Pirates House to celebrate!!

The Pirate’s House restaurant is located in a mysterious building that first opened as an inn for seafarers in 1753.  Just a scant block from the Savannah River, the inn later became a rendezvous of blood-thirsty pirates and sailors from the Seven Seas. I loved dining at this intriguing spot as a child.  In fact, had my fifth birthday party at the house and I remember celebrating my mother’s fortieth birthday in that very same spot!
Our guest of honor enjoyed donning his paper pirate hat… just like I did so many years ago.

The Jack Sparrow-esque pirate came by our table a couple of times and was quite entertaining!

I remember looking down the underground tunnels and imagining the pirates dragging their loot, and prisoners, under the road we now know as Bay Street down to their ships docked at the river.

It was a special day, honoring the most special five-year-old I know!


So, after saying adios to the pull ups, a week filled with praise and one great celebration later, sweet John did have a little accident.  My mom always tells me that we have to remember that raising children is a delicate waltz of two steps forward, one step back.  Seven nights dry and one night wet, I guess I can live with that :-)


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