Disney World: Typhoon Lagoon

Oh.my.goodness.  We absolutely, positively had the BEST day at Typhoon Lagoon.  It was blazing hot, but overcast and there was seriously nobody there.  We walked right on to every single ride, rode every single one at least twice aaaaaannnnd rode some favorites as many as SEVENTEEN times!  Crazy, right?!?!  The littles were the perfect ages to really be able to enjoy everything and there were only two rides that the baby was too small to do.

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Disney legend purports a tycoon wreaking havoc upon the formerly pristine tropical paradise that is now known as Typhoon Lagoon.  Boats, fishing gear and beach wear is strewn about and left in the sometimes odd places where the storm flung them.  From the “Miss Tilly” shrimp boat precariously perched atop Mount Mayday to the bells of watch sound, the park is done up in the magical way that only Disney can do.

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We went in not really knowing much about the park.  So, we started at the raft slides and simply worked our way clockwise around the park, hitting every attraction as we got to it. It seemed like a pretty good way to do it.

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One of our very very very favorite Disney experiences has to be the Shark Reef.  You literally snorkel through cold saltwater with sharks, sting rays and tropical fish swimming below.  The baby sat this one out, but John did it three times with Honey and me.  Somehow I thought there was a piece of glass separating the sealife from where you actually swim and, just as I’m telling this to John, he hops right in and the cast member says “no, you’re right in there with them but they won’t bother you.”  Say whaaaaaat????

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While John swam with the sharks, we took turns swimming with the baby in one of the nearby dipping pools.  And he was happy as a clam doing just that.

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After conquering each and every side, we made our way to the deliciously tropical and relaxing Castaway Creek lazy river.

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We were able to run the entire circuit again before it started raining just in time for lunch.  We noshed at Typhoon Tilly’s and the littles were delighted with their kid’s meals than came in little beach buckets.  Since it was still raining when we finished, we made the most of it by indulging in the craziest beach bucket ice cream sundae I’ve ever laid eyes on from Happy Landings.  I know, twist my arm right?!

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For the first time ever (but definitely not the last after doing it once), we took about an hour and a half break from the park and little snooze back in the room.  When the sun came back out we headed back to Typhoon Lagoon for about three more hours of fun in the sun.  We did all the waterslides and the Shark Reef again before settling in on Castaway Creek, exploring Ketchakiddie Creek children’s area and ending our day in the 6-foot waves at Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool.  That thing was crazy!

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We were super excited to run into our favorite B family again at Typhoon Lagoon!  The kids had a great time on the slides!

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A few things to note…

  • I think it makes sense to just go clockwise around the park to make sure you catch everything.
  • Bring your own towels or plan to rent for $2 each.  We brought ours and just dropped them on lounge chairs under an umbrella by the Surf Pool as soon as we got there.
  • We didn’t have an issue with this, but I hear the pavement gets very hot so we brought water shoes that we then ended up ditching at the chairs.
  • Thanks to the new MagicBands, no money or key to the world cards had to be kept up with.  It was perfect!!  They can go in the water so that wasn’t an issue at all.  This saved us from having to rent a locker too, which was nice.
  • Do not leave the park without that ice cream pail.  Seriously.

After ten to five with a short break in the water, we picked up a pizza at the resort food court and played our Tower of Terror Clue game in the comfort of our PJs.

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It was another perfect Disney day and I cannot wait to do it again!!  Now I’d love to try Blizzard Beach as well!!

13 thoughts on “Disney World: Typhoon Lagoon

  1. We love both the water parks and I'm so glad you had a blast there. I personally think October is the best time to visit Orlando! And I think you should get perks from Disney – you are the best advertisement there is!!!

  2. I also have two boys and Typhoon Lagoon is their favorite. We get the year pass every other year and go in the late summer one year and early the next. It really is a nice break for a day or two on our yearly trip.
    We really didn't care for Blizzard Beach, but the miniature golf that is near the entrance of BB was a lot of fun. The year pass cost about the same as two days at the water park and allows you to go to both parks.

  3. Yes, next time do Blizzard Beach! The theming is awesome there, too! So have the parks been pretty slow, people wise? I've never been in Oct, but have heard it's a great time to go.

  4. I absolutely love your Disney reviews. I hadn't ever thought about Typhoon Lagoon, but now I think we're going to have to hit it.

  5. Oooh! I so want to try Typhoon Lagoon. Our WDW visits have all been in January or February and it's always been closed for refurbishment. Hopefully we will make it there on our next visit.
    I've been enjoying your Disney posts! We just returned from a cruise on the Dream and your posts really helped us get excited!!

  6. Great pics… What camera did you use OR did you use your phone? Love the water pics! We love Typhoon Lagoon too!

  7. Fantastic pictures & post as always! I love your posts on Disney – I'm Disney mad and, living in England, I'm taking my man and our toddler to Disneyland Paris next year for the first time. I've been so many times, and I hope to take them to Florida for Halloween as well soon. Typhoon Lagoon looks incredibly fun and oh my, that ice cream looks delish :)

  8. Do you know about the Disney websites such as "Mousesavers" and Allears.net???? Both are amazing! And don't worry, you'll never get Disney perks for your good advice….unfortunately there's a million Disney blogs and websites and Disney isn't very generous in that aspect! But its fun to see your families trips and photos!!!

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