Just Like That

I blinked and, just like that, summer is over and a new school year has commenced!  It was all smiles around the W house this morning as we were up at the crack of dawn, donning our first day of school best and getting ready for kindergarten and third grade!!  Oh, and let’s not forget our traditional first day of school breakfast!!

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I set the table using some of the darling items included in a mailing from Trix and Little Miss Party, in addition to letter magnets spelling out names and grades, a few Dr. Seuss books and my favorite Coton Colors Happy Everything plate!!  The party box included not only fruitier tasting Trix, but also the darling placemats, napkins, straws, milk bottles and paper bowls.  I set aside even more cute things for our first day of school snack so stay tuned :-)

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As much as Honey despises early mornings, he was a trooper to turn out first day of school flap jacks!!

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August 2014 146 copy

Needless to say, they gobbled up breakfast and I’m pretty sure the fanfare of it all helped to ease a few of those first day butterflies.

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Of course, we had to take the requisite first day back photos.

August 2014 153

August 2014 158 c

August 2014 160 copy

And after a quick ride down the driveway, it was time to head to the bus stop.

August 2014 168

Things went South a little once the big yellow bus pulled up.  Whit hid behind me and didn’t want to get on.  Of course, John ran off without a look back or a thought for his poor baby brother (Mother says I was the same way…).  Mr. R asked if he was coming and I replied not today.  With a big smile to cover the tears in my eyes I assured Whit that it wasn’t a problem at all and that Mommy would LOVE to take him to school.  *truth*

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So with both of us welling up with tears, I put him in the Jeep and we raced off behind the bus – beating it there in fact :-)  We walked over to the bus entrance and waited for his bus to arrive so that we could watch the kids getting off and take the same route he would follow to his classroom.  Meanwhile, this kid could barely be bothered for a smile (MOMMY!  I’ve GOT to get to my classroom and start my morning work!!!)

photo 4 (7)

Once we turned down the Kindergarten hallway and he saw Mrs. H, all fears were forgotten and he smiled from ear to ear.  No tears, no more hugs, just an excited “bye Mommy” as he started unpacking his bag in his kindergarten classroom.

photo 5 (7)

So far I’ve held it together pretty well – making sure I had errands to run, breakfast with bestie S and a fabulous after school snack to orchestrate.  I am going to miss both of my boys, but saying goodbye to the baby today was hard.  Heart-wrenchingly so.  I had the years alone with John in the beginning when he was an infant and toddler, and they primarily revolved around naps, meals and the playground.  My years alone with Whit were ages three to five – he was a kid.  Our days were filled with playing, shopping, lunches, snuggling, reading, traveling, learning and real conversations.  He’s been my best friend for three years and we’ve literally done everything together.  I will be counting down the minutes until they get home…


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27 thoughts on “Just Like That

  1. As usual, love your back to school breakfast. I do a back to school party for my grandson. Last year for his first year (Pre-K) I used your "Monster University" idea. This year I'm going with Dr. Seuss , thanks to Targets dollar spot. Thanks again for all your so very cute ideas. Quick question please. Where did you get the rainbow striped milk glass containers?

  2. Your boys are just so handsome and have grown so much! Hope they both have a great school year.

    It seems like it was just a few weeks ago they were getting out of school for the summer. It sure did fly by!

  3. Oh-oh-oh, I have tears in my eyes reading this. My oldest "baby" is headed back to California and graduate school this afternoon. And I simply can't believe it! My middle daughter will start high school, and my youngest is in 7th. Somehow I don't think putting my daughter on a plane to fly across the country is as gut-wrenching as taking her to kindergarten on that very first day. Time passes too quickly.

  4. My Landon went off to kindergarten this year and although I am just a Nana, I am missing my Tuesday Wednesday buddy. What am I going to do with the week to myself?? Kendall is like John, very ready to get back to school, her friends and her first year to go to the TAG class. Love your cute breakfast and I am going to have to break down and get the Coton Colors plate for my kitchen. I have been eying them at a local store!! They are so cute. And I can always tell my sweet husband that I got it for the grands….that usually ends any discussion about such purchases.:) Praying we all have a great year of learning.

  5. Bless his heart. But, truth be told…I know you were more than happy to drive him and see that he was "okay" once there. I was the same way!! I had Elie at home for almost 4 years before Katie came along, and then I had her by herself most of the day from 2-5, and then again when her sister went off to college. Hubby has tried to fill in the gap since she left for college but it's not the same. And to be honest, I still get choked up counting down the days…and the baby is going to be a Senior in college this year. We head out a week from Thursday.
    Can't wait to hear how the first day went!!!

  6. Deborah – They were in the Trix party in a box from General Mills :-)

    Amy – Yes, LL Bean

    HUGS to everyone with kids starting school again – no matter how old they are. I guess it's always going to be hard! xoxoxo

  7. I had tears reading your post. I remember when both of my boys were finally off to school and it really was hard for me. We had the opposite reaction to the bus though. My older son wouldn't get on it his first day of kindergarten. My husband actually had to pick him up and place him on the bus! My younger son ran right on before I could take the obligatory climbing the bus stairs picture! We don't go back until after Labor Day around here so we still have a little time left. Enjoy your day. I am sure you have all kinds of "after the first day celebrations" planned for those boys! Enjoy!

  8. Hugs to you!! That must be so hard, but you sure have two boys to be so very proud of!! I'm sure you're counting the hours til they're home.

  9. Sending thoughts & hugs your way. My daughter, Lucy Mac, starts K5 next week, along with her brother going into 3rd. Selfishly, I'm so happy that I will still have one more little at home for one more year. ?

  10. What a sweet post! I was the same way when my youngest daughter started kindergarten…we were always together…it hit me pretty hard! Now my oldest is in HS my middle is in 7th and Victoria is going into 3rd…were do the years go!! I hope they have a FANTABULOUS first day back!!

  11. My 3 year old tells me everyday that he doesn't want to go to PS. He just wants to "stay home. Wear my pajamas and be your little Bubba mommy." I like to think that this will last forever! HUGS

  12. You are a darling mother! My youngest is leaving for college from Connecticut to So. Carolina and it is bitter sweet!

  13. Once again love everything about their first day back to school breakfast !!! and oooh mommy I would have also been in tears too !!! Uh my little one is barely turning 3 and I am already fighting back the tears thinking about when she has to start school !!

    Jocelyn @prettyluckymama

  14. Aww, you are such a great mom. You've sent them off with such an advantage. They will do so well in all they endeavor because of your devoted attention. This, from a third grade teacher! We all wish for students so prepared as yours!

  15. I just cried right along with you as I read your post about Whit! My mother always told me how fast the years with our babies go by, but you just don't fully understand until you're living it. My firstborn is starting high school next week. Someone "hit" me with you only have four more years with her….how rude was that! I just burst out in tears….how can that be? Yesterday she was just starting preschool…or so it seems. Life goes on, but they will always be our babies!

  16. This really resonates with me. 2nd grader and kindergartner (full-day:(
    as of 8/26. I am gonna be a mess.
    You may be sad , but I imagine you'll be super productive!

  17. Awww that precious Cookie. Iknow what you are going through. Because I was teaching in the same elementary school that you and your sis attended, I didnt feel so much that you were gone for 6 and 1/2 hours, but it really hit when y'all went off to GaTech. I remember us driving off after we got you settled in your dorm room….Daddy-O was crying so hard that I had to not cry to try to help him keep it together, especially since he was driving. And it all happened again when sis when to Tech. And the other worst thing was coming home every day after work to a dark, quiet empty house. It was awful! Love, Marme

  18. YOU are supermom! What precious boys; I got goosebumps reading about Whit and you tearing up, and then seeing him in his Kindergarten classroom. Glad their first day went well, hope you're holding up well, and cheers to a great school year ahead!

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