Light and Fuzzy

Well yall, I’m walking around a little lighter and lot fuzzier today.  er… change that walking around to sitting around.  See what I mean, I’m fuzzy.

On Saturday morning I went for my usual walk around the neighborhood and felt a little crampy in the belly afterwards.  No big deal.  I mean it’s a 3.5 mile loop and pretty hilly.  I had my coffee, hung out with the fam, went to the grocery store and helped little Whit make homemade cookies for Elsa.

I made lunch for the crew but really wasn’t hungry, which is odd.  I kind of choked a few bites down and then gave up.  My tummy had started hurting again.  I laid down on the sofa, which is the oddest thing of all and caught up on Astronaut Wives Club (so good, by the way.)

We had amazing seats to the Braves game later in the evening and Honey had to wake me up to start getting ready.  I got up off the sofa but ended up in my bed upstairs.  At which point he said if I feel this bad, the heat at the game will only make it worse.  So off he and the boys went.  Things can change in the blink of an eye.

By the time he got home I was nearly delirious.  My stomach was hurting so badly and all I could do was lay down and moan.  Every time I got up (darn that Elsa) I threw up.  The pain was intense but sharpest on the right side of my abdomen.  I kept thinking I just had a stomach bug, but by the time Honey had the boys in bed he had already started packing a little bag and had called our dear neighbor next door to come sit with the boys.  I was hurting so badly I barely even remember seeing her.  (Although I do remember thinking how terribly messy my house was and being a little embarrassed.)

Honey loaded me in the car and we were off to Northside.  Riding in the car was horrific.  At some point I crawled in the back seat to lie down.  Honey made a wrong turn and we ended up at the St. Joes ER.  He rushes me in, I’m literally screaming for help and can’t stand up.  They have us wait in a line at the desk and then tell Honey I will be 6th in line.  I can hardly talk at this point but tell him I can’t wait.  He packs me back up in the car and takes me to Northside where they are much more welcoming and say I’m next.

As soon as I get in a room in the ER they get me on an iv with fluids. nausea meds and pain killers.  The DR asks a few questions, presses on my abdomen and sends me for a CT scan.  Well, let me just say that it wasn’t quite being sent right off.  First I had to drink a huge thermos of some awful tasting liquid that I “can’t throw up”.  Which is torture because when I sit up or stand up I throw up.

After the CT scan, I really really wanted to see the boys.  They had Honey sign all sorts of papers for me and I was terrified.  He went and got them and I was so happy to have a minute with them.  They were pretty scared looking at me though.  I’m not sure it was best for them in hindsight but it made my day.  Bestie M picked them up at the hospital after our brief visit so that Honey could stay with me through the surgery.

Next thing I know they’ve moved me to the OR and I’m having my appendix taken out.  It was pretty scary in the waiting area because I’ve never in my life had surgery.  Like ever!  The last thing I remembered was them taking rolling my stretcher out.  The next time I was conscious (not coherent) a man was standing over me.  Apparently I asked when my surgery was.  He assured me it was over and I did fine.  Then I was very persistent about wanting to know where the appendix is now and what they had done with it.  Haha!  I guess my delirious self had plans to bring it home.  Or maybe I didn’t believe it was over.  I slept most of the day afterwards.

'Why do you keep coming to these meetings, appendix? You have not contributed a damn thing since the Paleolithic!'

As soon as I was more coherent, I realized that I had absolutely zero pain on the right side where the appendix was.  However, I’m in a crazy amount of pain on the left side and belly where they made the incisions.  Ouch!  But still, it’s nothing like the way I was the night before.

I was able to come home early this morning.  Of course, I’m still pretty sedated and in a lot of pain. But I got to see my boys before school.  I expect to be in the bed fully for a few days and then I have a post op appointment next week at which point I hope to be cleared to resume living.  At least a little :-)

I want to thank my sweet, sweet angel of a neighbor for coming over within 2 minutes of Honey’s call to sit with the boys and Elsa.  Oh, and for taking Elsa the whole next day.  I want to thank bestie M for taking the boys on a fun filled day that they are still talking about.  I want to thank both bestie Ms for tidying up my house, making lunches, setting out clothes for the boys, picking up breakfast foods and snacks, lining up meals for the rest of the week and just EVERYTHING.  They just did all of this without being asked by anyone!  I want to thank Honey’s brother for then picking up the night shift.  I want to thank all of my dear friends that have called and text throughout the weekend.  And of course I want to thank Honey for being my voice (literally) and support through this terrifying ordeal.

Sister and Mother are on their way here now to help out the rest of the week.  I’ve got some blog posts in the hopper so you will probably still be hearing from me :-)


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35 thoughts on “Light and Fuzzy

  1. Oh Amanda!
    I will be praying for you! Thank heavens you have so much support. Please don’t worry about the blog- or anything else for that matter! Just let yourself rest.

  2. You poor thing! What a scary experience. Thank goodness for Honey’s good care and all the help from your besties. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Oh my gosh, Amanda! I can’t believe what you had to go through! How scary! So glad Honey didn’t hesitate to take you to the ER. That man has good instincts! I hope you are resting and letting everyone pamper you for a while. It sounds like you are in good hands. Feel better dear!
    xxoo Shelley

  4. Amanda,

    Glad you are feeling better! Your IG photo the other day had me all worried! You have such an awesome support system!


  5. Oh my goodness! So glad that baseball game didn’t go into extra innings and Honey was back with you sooner! Happy you have lots of helpers to pitch in and spoil you while you recover. I laughed at your sentence about the house being a mess… I don’t think I really believe you… :) Get well!

  6. Bless your HEART! I am so glad they diagnosed quickly and got that nasty appendix OUT! What a blessing to have friends who just jump right in!

    Prayers for a swift & non-eventful recovery! xo

  7. I have been through the same experience minus the appendix surgery and I know that it is horrible and very scary! I hope you are resting and feel completely back to normal soon! Prayers for a quick recovery.

  8. Thank the good Lord you are going to be okay and that it was something “routine”, with a short recovery. When I saw your photo, my heart skipped a beat. I know how awful and scary being in that position can be. You are strong and have an incredible support system … so relax, enjoy the jello (!) and catch up on your reading. All best wishes to the whole gang and try not to glue any pink pom poms on that hospital gown! XXOOO

  9. rest well. enjoy the attention. it is nice to know that you are surrounded by so much love. but then with you who would think anything else. take care♥

  10. Thank goodness Honey got you to the ER. So glad you are in such good hands during your recovery. I have had my appendix out and it is a scary experience. Best wishes!

  11. oh my goodness!!! I had no idea what this post was going to be about when I saw the title, but I certainly did not think you had been in the hospital and having surgery!!! prayers and love being sent to you from west cobb!!! so glad you have your boys and an awesome support staff. you will be back in the saddle before you know it! xo

  12. Oh Amanda, poor you! I hope you get lots of rest and your boys bring you lots of treats like you normally organise for them. I hope you feel better soon xx

  13. That is so scary. I’m glad you are feeling better. I’m glad your mom and sister can be there! Get well soon.

  14. So glad you are feeling better! I had a similar ordeal several years ago, only with my gall bladder. Emergency surgery is scary stuff! Be sure to take your rest seriously–it really does help to just take it easy! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  15. Bless Your Heart!! My husband had the same thing happen several years ago but Mrs Nurse( me) thought it was his diverticulosis. When he started shaking, I had a feeling it was his appendix. Sure enough…it was ruptured by the time they did the surgery and he was in the hospital for four days getting iv antibiotics. Hug your Honey for being proactive!! Hope you will be feeling better soon!

  16. Wow, so scary! Glad you’re ok – can’t even believe they had you waiting in line at the first hospital – that’s crazy! A similar thing happened to my mom when she was passing out and falling – went to the ER, and it was only by the kindness of strangers that she got to the front of the line!

    Rest and recover!

  17. For future reference, but with hopes you never need to use the info, she who makes the most horribly, excruciatingly, painfully loud noises gets seen first! I have great experience in ERs, sadly. I’m so glad you’re on your way to a full recovery. Your mother’s arrival will be the absolute best medicine. Moms just know what to do for their children no matter their age. Feel better!

  18. Wow! That does not sound like a great start to the weekend. Ouch! I noticed you said your pain meds made you break out in hives…if the pain gets too bad and you don’t have a new script yet just take the pain med with Benadryl! It’ll help the reaction and still fight the pain til you can get the new script! I’m a nurse, so you know I ain’t lyin’! ;) Good luck with recooperating! I’m sure having your mom and sister will be such a blessing!

  19. Amanda,
    Best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery. I know how scary an ordeal like this can be and Honey was smart to take you to the ER when he did.

    My father in law was 81 when he had emergency surgery to have his appendix removed. He thought he had the flu! The doctor told him it was very rare for someone his age to have an attack. Usually, if you haven’t had any problems long before then you never will.

  20. Dear Amanda,

    I have been enjoying your blog for 2 years and I had thought you must have been sick (or something) because you had not posted in a few days…

    I am so sorry to hear about the appendectomy, but I am glad you have your village to take good care of you.

    Rest up and recover! I am praying for you.



  21. I am glad to hear you are ok! I know you had to be terrified. And as someone who has had 3 surgeries already in my 38 years, your delirium sounds about right– we say crazy things with that anesthesia!!! I’m glad you are ok!!! :)

  22. Take care, get plenty of rest and simply enjoy the presence of your sweet Mom and Sister. Will be praying for a complete recovery….

  23. Isn’t it the most wonderful thing to have good friends and good family. Hope you are “up and at’em” very soon.

  24. OMG! I am so glad that you got to the hospital in time. A burst appendix is a really major deal & you would not have gotten out of the hospital so quickly. Praying for a quick recovery!

  25. Wow, so sorry you had this happen. I do remember having this in fifth grade, a hundred years ago, and it was painful! So glad your sweet husband whisked you off to the hospital and you got rid of that useless appendix!

  26. Oh my goodness! So sorry to hear this happened, but am so glad you’re doing well. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  27. So glad you are on the mend. I had a similar experience with my gallbladder. ..never had a problem and in about 30 minutes time, I thought I was dying! I have never been so happy to see the ER in my life! Take it easy, even though you think you feel better, getting over surgery takes longer than you think. I went back to school on Monday after having it taken out the Wednesday before and had to miss again that Tuesday. My husband and mother both tried to tell me not to go back that quickly, but I thought I was so much better…wrong!

  28. how did I miss this!!! we share a few of the same readers and they have been commenting on my post today about my husbands appendix ordeal, and mentioned yours. I hope you are healing well. I had mine out 25 years ago and still recall the pain.
    Take Care, Laura

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