Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2015

This year we headed to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party dressed as Haunted Mansion Ghost Hosts!!!  I didn’t think it was possible, but we just might have had more fun this year than in the two previous years!!!




You can enter the park with a party ticket as early as 4pm, even though the party doesn’t start until 7.  Since we have passes, we went in at 3.  I’m not sure how this happened, but we also ended up with FOUR fast passes before 7pm.  We were able to ride Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Mine Train AND Haunted Mansion all before the party started.  We also gathered up some of our fave snacks and convened in Gaston’s Tavern to refuel.  I chose the pot roast mac and cheese from Friar’s Nook (my very fave), Honey picked a cinnamon roll and John a turkey leg from Gaston’s, and the baby went with popcorn.




Our next stop was Memento Mori for our big souvenir from this trip…  Dressed in our Ghost Host finest, we entered the secret room where you have spooktacular portraits made.  Look closely at the toile wallpaper.  Isn’t it divine?!?!?






Afterwards, we waited by the old armoire for a mysterious bell to ring.  Our Ghost Host opened the drawer to find our portraits inside.  We were completely WOWed!!!! You can see them hanging in our house here.


We took a few minutes to paint our faces and then headed to Haunted Mansion right at 7 to see all of the cast members dressed up.  They had so much fun with us and nearly all of them said something!  I loved that one of the dogs in the pet cemetery matches the two on my front porch.





Afterwards, we ran into the Evil Queen with almost no line.

And then we were hungry again so we staked out some prime curb real estate on Main Street and ate Casey’s while we waited for the Boo to You parade!  It was spectacular, as usual.











Our bottoms were kind of hurting from sitting at this point, so we moved over to one of the new grassy parks for Hallowishes.  We got right up on the fence and were able to spread out and relax for a bit.  Honey and I even stargazed.  It was pretty magical to be in my favorite park at night and spend time just doing nothing.






At this point the park started to clear a bit so we hit the rides heavy!  We literally did everything we wanted to!  Space Mountain, Monsters Inc, Stitch, Buzz, Tomorrowland Speedway, Thunder Mountain, you name it!  And we popped through the trick or treat stations on our way from place to place, all four of us loading up bags of candy.  We even met Jafar again this year with zero wait!






We exited the park just as the clock struck midnight.  We were “dead” tired but so very pleased with our memorable night!!!

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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party
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18 thoughts on “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2015

  1. Oh, how I have the itch to jump in the car and head down to Disney for the Halloween party, it is so much fun! I love your costumes. We’re going again next year and even talked about being the stretchy poster people from Haunted Mansion, but the costumes are getting a bit elaborate. The gravediggers and dancing ghosts from the HM were my favorite in the parade. Love the spooky portraits you had made, very cute and what a great souvenir! Are you heading to Tybee for Pirate Fest this year? If so, have fun!

  2. Oh my goodness it looks like you had such a great time this year. I love your costumes. My boys costume came in the mail today and they are already wearing them waiting to go to Disney. So fun! I can hardly wait to go myself . Thanks for sharing all of the great pictures of your trip.

  3. I was hoping fot this review! Looks like a great night. Was curious on your thoughts of an appropriate age to start bringing your kids. I cant wait to go but worry that it might be a few years as my kids are 4 and 2. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Well, there are certainly plenty of tiny ones, but personally I think it depends on when they can happily stay up quite late (close to midnight) so that everyone can enjoy the party. My little one was almost five and John almost 8 the first time we went. We didn’t need a stroller and Whit stayed up almost to midnight so it was great! And it only gets better every year that he gets older :-)

      1. Thank you! We took them to Disney last year and being florida residents we got a great deal so it was easy to skip things and leave early. We may wait a couple years to do this party as I know they wouldnt last until midnight, but maybe having them sleep in the stroller would make it fun for us adults!

    2. Hi Kelly – I saw your comment and thought I’d chime in :) We went to Disney this year for our first time and took our kids, almost 5, almost 3 and 9 months. It was a BLAST! They seriously had the best time as did me and my husband. There were some things we had to skip though, like the late night fireworks but we did manage to see them one night so I was happy with that. I think it will get better with each time like Amanda said but we seriously had an amazing trip and thought it was so worth it to go.

  4. I love how y’all dressed up! It was comfortable which was good because it was HOT! :) We wound up abandoning our costumes because it was so warm out.

    We wound up leaving right as the parade was looping around the main street circle– we got on the monorail right before the mad dash! It was perfect timing! :) We especially loved being able to ride everything with no wait. :)

  5. How much fun is that…and you are the cutest bunch …of ghouls. Thanks for the tour…sigh we are max away from both the Disneys… Thanks for the tour!

  6. Hi Amanda! Great recap as always! Can you share details on your Disney costumes and other related ‘Disneyfied’ shirts this trip? So adorable! Also, would one be more out of place to not wear a costume…not sure I can convince the family to wear it all evening. Love all the tips and sharing, you’ve really helped our family enjoy Disney!

    1. If not a full costume, I’d go with a costume tee or fun hat! Most people will be festively dressed. It makes the whole atmosphere seem more fun to be in costume so I’d try to convince them :-)

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