Christmas Gift Tags {Giveaway}

Update 11/23: This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations Dana Keck on the win!

Happy Friday the 13th, y’all!  Or Fri-Yay as I am apt to call this most coveted day of the week.

I’ve been cooking up something new in the shop… Christmas gift tags!!  I know that I am always on the hunt for nice affordable gift tags and I had so much fun designing these.  I only wish I had Sister around to wrap something gorgeously up for my pictures.  (I am the world’s worst wrapper.  And rapper… but I digress.)

DSC_0396 copy

I have seven different designs in the shop, ranging from classic chinoiseries and tartans to preppy pink ginghams.  They are available as regular gift tags to be taped or tied to packages…

DSC_0393 copy

… and in sheets of 10 stickers!!  I mean, how convenient is that?!  These would be fantastic on gifts wrapped in cello bags as well.

DSC_0398 copy

‘Tis the season for giving, so I’d love to give away a set of Christmas gift tags to a Dixie Delights reader!!!  You get to pick the pattern.  The giveaway is open to US mailing addresses only.  There are FOUR ways to enter; Be sure to post a separate comment for each to get both entries counted.

1. Subscribe to Dixie Delights emails

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2. Follow Dixie Delights on Instagram

3. Like the Dixie Delights Shop on etsy

4. Tell me if you prefer wrapping in bags or boxes

I’ll announce a winner this time next week!

In the mean time, I’ve got to figure out just how I’m going to get up Christmas between planning two birthday parties, a Christmas party, Thanksgiving and our little girls trip!!


Dixie Delights Shop

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230 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Tags {Giveaway}

  1. I like Etsy, was already subscribed to your blog and had already followed you on IG…and I think my choice is the monogram wreaths…they are beautiful!

  2. I already follow you at Etsy and here on the blog…in answer to the question, I use both. But I prefer shopping where the store wraps my gift for me.( And they have to do a good job or I do not shop

  3. And… I much prefer wrapping in boxes – bags hardly feel like wrapping to me.

    I ADORE your new tags, but especially the plaid. Thanks for such a fun giveaway! xo

  4. I love to wrap gifts for my kiddos. Love to see them get so excited when they are unwrapping. My favorite way to give to teachers or friends is to wrap in cellophane and tie with big, beautiful ribbon. The tags or stickers would be great for this!!! They are beautiful!

  5. I love to wrap gifts in boxes…I think bags are just cheating! ;) And my mother always taught me to wrap a good present you need to use wrapping paper and a HUGE bow :D

  6. I love giving gifts in boxes. There’s something so fun about wrapping gifts by the Christmas tree and then, later, watching friends and family tear the paper off the gifts.

  7. I follow on instragram, subscribe to the emails and have your etsy shop as a favorite. I LOVE to wrap and prefer boxes! These tags are soooo cute! Also, loved your one room challenge! Great transformation.

  8. I’m a happy Dixie Delights blog follower blog and on IG too! Your a favorite on Etsy and I LOVE to wrap packages. Friends will even bring their Christmas gifts to me to wrap. Crazy wrapper! ??

  9. Bags are easier but there’s nothing like seeing a bunch of boxes beneath the tree – all wrapped in a solid paper with big, fluffy, gorgeous bows. I especially love brown craft paper and big tartan bows!

  10. My mother has always said how you wrap a gift is part of the gift! So we are big gift box wrappers in our family complete with tissue and bows.

  11. I love the gift tags. Wrapping with bags is definitely much easier, but I love wrapping boxes the most. Now if someone could find an easy way to cut of wrapping paper from big unwieldy rolls!

  12. I love to wrap gifts in boxes and of course all my paper and ribbons match. My favorite part of the holidays is wrapping a little each evening. i love all the tags but especially the tartan with the white script. your talents amaze me!

  13. I prefer to wrap gifts in boxes and wrapping paper! I love to embellish the packages with different ribbons/raffia/and even ornaments. I am in love with your wreath design labels! They are absolutely adorable!

  14. Hi Amanda! I am already subscribed to all things Dixie, and am thrilled you’ve decided to do gift tags! I just love adorably wrapped boxes all tied up in a bow with the perfect tag. Can’t wait to start wrapping!

  15. Love following you on IG and now you’re Etsy shop. I like wrapping in boxes and watching my toddler’s face as he excitedly peels open the layers to see what’s inside! =) How much more adorable would these tags make my boxes?!

  16. I get your emails,
    I follow you on instragram
    And I like your etsy shop.
    I love a pretty wrapped package but gift bags are so easy!

  17. I LOVE wrapping…and wrap in boxes unless it’s impossible. There’s just something about tearing into paper (whether it’s beautifully wrapped or not) or watching the suspense as someone tears into a gift I’ve wrapped!

  18. Your Christmas tags are so cuuute. My favorite is the Green Wreath with the pink bow. Your Etsy shop has wonderful items for gift giving. Great pictures on Instagram. Hugs.

  19. I LOVE the gift tags!! Perfectly preppy!! I love a beautifully wrapped gift but I, like you, am challenged in this area. My Mother in Law is very “Martha Stewart esque” and always has impeccably wrapped gifts (no gift bags ever). My Mother, on the other hand, is not afraid of reusing a gift bag even if it says Happy Birthday or its from Victoria Secret. She just says she’s not a detail person. Soooo I come by my wrapping difficulties naturally. I have had to learn to tie big pretty bows to make up for my wrapping challenge. A good bow hides my horrible paper wrapping jobs. Your precious gift tags would add so much!

    I still stalk you on all things media. Follow you on all outlets possible! Keep up the good work gal!

  20. I do 1, 2, and 3 already :) As for number 4, I prefer to wrap in boxes unless I’m headed to a kids birthday party….then it’s a bag for sure!

  21. Subscribed, already an IG follower and liked your Etsy shop. The tags are wonderful and I love wrapping in boxes! My Momma started wrapping in brown kraft with tartan ribbon when I was a little girl!

  22. I follow all of the items listed!

    I prefer wrapping in boxes but since our first child is due on Christmas Day this year…we may just have to do bags this year to make it easier!

  23. I’ve signed up all 4 ways! I found your blog when I was researching my family’s first Disney trip, and I just keep coming back. Thanks for being so fun and inspiring. :)

    Oh, and I love wrapping in boxes! :)

  24. I have recently registered on Etsy and Dixie Delights is my very first ‘Like’ and ‘Favorited’!
    I absolutely love all the tags, am partial to tartan, toile, and love the monogrammed wreaths. All very festive!

  25. I prefer boxes because they are so pretty, but I occasionally mix in cute bags. My very first job (way back in 1976!) was in gift wrap before the holidays and it was so much fun!

  26. I already follow your blog – a name like Dixie Delights, who could resist. I love boxes and being creative with the ribbon – lots and lots of ribbon.

  27. I only see how to like your shop from Etsy on Facebook which I do not do so I favorite”d” your shop instead.

  28. I like to wrap boxes only because I think they look prettier under the tree! Love all the styles off gift tags!

  29. Amanda,
    You have truly outdone yourself! These gift tags are stunning! They are incredible beautiful. I would have to order all of them as I can’t decide! The Tartans and gingham are divine.

    I am a faithful subscriber

    I love a beautifully wrapped package. Gift bags have their time and place, but there is nothing like the anticipation of opening an actual present.
    Keep up the beautiful creativity!!!

  30. I also subscribed to your blog…have followed for years, though! Even painted my house Revere Pewter, thanks to your photos!

  31. I love to wrap! The paper and ribbon has to match my holiday decor, it just looks so nice under the tree. Yes, I spend hours getting everything precise which is a great excuse not to make dinner and leave my husband in charge. If you get a gift in a bag from me it is just because I ran out of time.
    I follow you via email and like D.D. on Etsy.

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