Annual Gingerbread Soiree

One of the littles’ most anticipated events of the season is always Sister’s Gingerbread Soiree.  We both had busy schedules back in Atlanta this month so she moved the event to Some Beach!!  It was a bit unique decorating gingerbread houses at the beach in shorts and tees with the doors open, but I’d take that any day over freezing :-)

DSC_0674 copy



Sister always gets the cutest color coordinated candy for their houses.  And they each get their own perfectly divided bowl so that there is no arguing.  :-)



The littles got extra creative this year when they disassembled Sister’s centerpiece to top their houses.  Jay took the head…


John snapped up the antlers…


And Whit got the tail end of deal…



DSC_0767 copy

Our very own little gingerbread doll…

DSC_0704 copy



A rare appearance by Piper…


And the littles in their true form…





The face of pure joy…

DSC_0710 copy

Run run run as fast as you can…

DSC_0713 copy
Thanks, Sister, for another fun party in the books!!  The littles have already asked if they can eat their houses for breakfast in the morning.


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8 thoughts on “Annual Gingerbread Soiree

  1. The photo of you and the boys threw me for a loop. Perhaps because they are up a step (nice shoes, John! haha) but they look sooooo big! It’s very cute and you look absolutely adorable. The soirée is darling and Sister’s candy bowls were perfect. Sister, we just have to see your beach house! Your table is wonderful! Seeing the boys wrestle like that reminds me of my brothers and cousins. What magical days. Last, but not least, can somebody please do me a favor and take a big bite out of CeeCee Gingerbread?! Oh. My. Goodness. She is a living doll! Xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh that dress on your niece is the cutest thing going! I wish my girls were still little to wear those adorable things. They’re 12 and 13 and mama’s style is definitely not theirs.

  3. It’s all about memories and the kids will always remember this. My grandma made me hot cocoa in a special pot and served me in porcelain cups—with butter cookies on the side. That is my fondest memory of her. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sandi

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