A Peek Inside Some Beach

Some Beach, Sister and her Mister’s new place at Tybee, is looking mighty gorgeous in the few months since completion!!  Join me for a peek inside…

DSC_0651 copy

Sister made the darling front door wreath.  We used to see these a lot as kids but I haven’t seen one in ages.  It’s made from a palm tree!

DSC_0650 copy

I didn’t go inside the bedrooms, but the main floor is an open kitchen, breakfast area and living room.  There is also a powder room, large mudroom and master on main.

DSC_0684 copy

DSC_0675 copy






DSC_0671 copy



DSC_0622 copy

Please ignore the littles lolling about…

DSC_0678 copy

DSC_0682 copy

DSC_0687 copy



DSC_0693 copy

If you are looking for sources and paint colors, check THIS POST.  If it’s not there, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll get Sister to answer :-)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!  We’ve got a couple more days in Savannah before heading back to Atlanta.


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28 thoughts on “A Peek Inside Some Beach

  1. How in the world is anyone ever able to leave your sister’s spectacular beach home? What could be better than family, fun, and the beckoning beach at Christmas.

    I appreciate the proof of what I’ve always imagined to be the truth. Everyone in your family, children included, is perfect! The white sofa is gorgeous and only for the most perfect of non-spill families! Where does one purchase magic white sofas?

    Please tell me the octopus wallpaper is $750 a roll so that I can put away any notion of it living in my home. There is a special connection with octopi in my family. No family member was devoured by one so don’t worry that it’s a bad connection.

    One last, “by the way where did sister find it question”, the cranes on the kitchen counter are marvelous. Is there any possibility that they aren’t one of a kind?

    Love, love, love everything about your Christmas postings this year!!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! It is a lovely retreat indeed. The cranes on the island were my mom’s. I’m a little jealous that Sister scored them. I got two brass turtles :-)

      1. Those cranes are brass, but Sister wanted them to look like oiled bronze, so I used the Rustoleum Universal Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint on them. I was surprised how good they looked…like the real thing. They were a gift from my sister about 30 years ago!

  2. A beautiful home. We are planning to build a mountain house in North Georgia on our family farm and I am always looking for decorating ideas. I love the table in the kitchen. I am thinking of something like that for our getaway home. And I loved the palm tree reindeer. I too remember those from the Old Days but it is still cute and a clever way to use a palm branch.

  3. Seriously gorgeous! I love how clean and bright everything looks. Perfect for a beach house. I still think the octopus wallpaper is my favorite. So clever! You gals have fabulous taste and I adore getting to look at it all! Hope you can get us a sneak at the bedrooms too. I’m sure they’re perfection as well.

  4. Can’t believe you posted this today. I promise I was just last night thinking about your sister’s second home and wondering if you would do a post on it. Wow, I just realized, I live vicariously through you. Beautiful decor and fun home for your sis and her family.

  5. Thank you! How fun to peak inside. It’s fabulous! I love the rustic bench and table and the touches of color that make for a wonderful blend of simplicity and warmth. Whit is the perfect touch! ;-) No doubt, bountiful memories have already been made in your beautiful getaway, Sister. Congratulations! Please, oh, please share the bunk room when things are no so hectic. Have fun!
    PS Amanda, thanks for sharing the annual gift wrapping photo…I didn’t see any scotch but your Santa pj’s made up for it! :-)
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

    1. Hi Jane! Yes, she has a wonderful style. She’s not quite done with the upstairs but I will share as soon as she is. Yes, the gift wrapping party was in full swing again this year. I opted for wine, which was hiding in the pic I guess. The boys had their scotch for sure. It’s a fun tradition. xoxo

  6. I died over the octopus wall paper!! Love it! I would have to be dragged kicking and screaming from Some Beach. Merry Christmas to your family!

  7. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I saw this post this morning and then went to Hobby Lobby where EVERYTHING is octopuses (or is it octupi)??? Made me think of that wallpaper!

  8. Lovely home! We have a house on Tybee & are getting ready to install different cabinets & countertops as well as some other projects, I’d love to know who she used for construction. It turned out to be just beautiful!

  9. OH my, I adore the octopus wallpaper. Perfect for a powder room. Was it a DIY project? Was it difficult to hang. I have a downstairs powder room which yearns for octopus wallpaper :)

  10. What an amazing beach house. Thank you so much for sharing Some Beach with all of us. The details are all so perfect. I always love a white slip covered sofa but haven’t been brave enough to go that route myself. That octopus wallpaper is fantastic! Enjoy your time visiting with your sister and her family whenever you get to Some Beach.

  11. Where did your sister get that 3 fish wooden hanger on her door handle? So in love with that idea and would like to add it to our beach home. Thank you!

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