I Love {Blue Mikado}

I’ve got a new crush and his name is Blue Mikado.  That’s right.  I’m currently coveting a new-to-me china pattern by Royal Crown Derby.


Now, before you get too excited, note that you can really only find these pieces on ebay, etsy and Replacements.  I stumbled upon it when looking for a couple of plates to add to the wall over my bed in the master.  After sharing the addition of my china men a couple of weeks ago, I just felt like I need one more thing to up the scale factor next to the huge mirror.


So, after mourning the fact that I couldn’t really justify the expense on long time favorites like Blue Aves or Blue Canton, I happened upon Blue Mikado and knew they were perfect!!  I purchased two salad plates on ebay for $28… a fraction of the cost of just one plate in the other patterns.


They are gently scalloped around the gold edges and the blues are vibrant against the bright white.  I feel like I have more of these in my future.


In the spirit of full transparency, this is what the room actually looked like when taking those pictures.  You just can’t believe everything you read on the internet.  Some really good cropping and you’d never know the place was a complete disaster.  I’ll be honest, it looks like this more often than not.


This is just one of a few little changes I’ve been making in the master bedroom.  You can see my progress in these posts:

I’ve still got a few more things I’m working on – new (actually they are old) lamps, new curtain rods and new bedside tables – to share.  BUT… I’m really getting antsy to start on my Halloween decor and then it will be Christmas and in all reality it will probably be 2017 before I finish the bedroom.  HA!

Stay tuned…


Blue Mikado on ebay

The Delightful Home: Master Bedroom  |  Home Tour


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15 thoughts on “I Love {Blue Mikado}

  1. I adore that China pattern – I just love the bright blue!

    I love how the room is coming together, but I know just how you feel… I’m ready for you to start on your Halloween decor, too! ? I’m so wanting to put up my bats and skeletons, or even my usual pumpkins and leaves and acorns, but it’s still just too darn hot! Maybe this weekend…

  2. I love that you mentioned Replacements…I live very near their storefront and it’s just an amazing place if you are ever in McLeansville, NC~(just outside of Greensboro NC).

    Customer service is above and beyond no matter if I am buying a single fork or a highly valued platter. If you havent’ visited their website, check it out at http://www.replacements.com and you could even bring Elsa to their facility for a visit! They are pet friendly!

  3. I love the new plates. You just can’t go wrong with blue and white! I haven’t really started fall decorating…just a few things here and there. I bought a white pumpkin wreath for my front door but I think I have to take it back because it looks like a bunch of garlic from a distance!

  4. I love your honesty about the unmade bed! I will never forget a year or two ago when another blogger blogged that she was pushing clutter away and staging the table with a gorgeously perfect presentation to photograph it, and one of her daughters asked, “Mommy, are you trying to make people thing we really eat like this?” As blog readers, we surely love to see the perfect-looking end product, but it honestly does make us feel better so see the “reality” beneath that!

  5. Your plate choice is perfect! It looks dreamy. You have an amazing eye and your room just gets more and more gorgeous.

    Sending warm thoughts and prayers to Whit. If I may respectfully offer my thoughts, helping him evaluate how he arrived at his choice to switch sports and learning to accept that he made a decision that didn’t didn’t work out is also an important life lesson. Considering his young age and having given it an honest effort, perhaps if he is free of the burden of quitting and can focus on new things, he will gain more confidence and excel in other areas. Just my two cents for your precious “Bee Boots”. I know it’s a hard time for you and truly hope it all works out soon. You are an incredible mother! <3 Xoxo

    1. You are so right. He doesn’t HAVE to finish. His first game is Saturday and I’m going to take him for more fro-yo to discuss. You are very very sweet to offer your thoughts. xo

  6. Love the blue and white plates. My favorite are the Georgia Plates from Sandersville, GA (I have both the blue and pink patterns). Have you ever seen them? They are pictures of famous Georgia people and places on each plate.

  7. Love love love!! But most of all I love your depiction of the authenticity of your life and that everyday your bed is not made! Mine is defiantly not!!

    1. He LOVED his first game. Things are looking up. A friend in class, a GREAT first game. Fall break trip to Disney :-) I’m hopeful!!

  8. Hi Amanda! What did you use to hang those? I just inherited some blue willow and would !like to hang over my guestbed.

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