Sunrise to Sunsest

Every morning of my life Mother awoke me with the words “rise and shine”.  There’s truly something to it.  Sister, her Mister, the puppy and I walked down near the Tybee Pier for the most magical sunrise on the island yesterday.

DSC_3386 copy

I couldn’t help but share other views of the beach and marsh from yesterday as well.

DSC_3480 copy


After cleaning up from a day exploring Fort Pulaski and tooling around the beach, we headed to the South end of the island for a magnificent sunset.  The sky was gorgeous pinks and blues when we arrived, and then quickly turned the most brilliant shades of red and orange as the sun dipped below the horizon.



DSC_3616 copy

Until yesterday, I had never seen the sun rise and the sun set at the beach in the same day. This was one of the items on my 40th bucket list and is one I’ll do over and again.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Labor Day!


Adventure is Out There {40×41} Bucket List


11 thoughts on “Sunrise to Sunsest

  1. Though she’s been gone for 7 years now (still hard to believe), I can still hear her sweet voice calling those same words to wake up my brothers and me every morning for school.

  2. Amanda,
    Thanks for sharing Tybee with us. It brings back good memories from a fall girls trip to Charleston & Savannah & a side trip to Tybee. I would love to go back there again.
    Happy Labor Day!

  3. Heavenly photos, Amanda. Just gorgeous! I am so glad your parents stayed safe and all of you got to be together.

    We always sang the song each morning at church camp, on our way to The Oak Tree Shrine. “Rise and shine and give God the glory, glory”… Indeed! :-)

  4. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures of the marsh, I never get tired of looking at the marsh!!! And the sunset!! with those Georgia pines silhouetted in the distance!!! Takes your breath away!!

  5. My Sweet Mama woke me with the words “rise and shine, morning glory” every morning, and I woke my three children up the same way. Love your lowcountry pictures! So beautiful. Sunrise is my favorite time of day.

  6. My mom woke me up with “Rise and Shine!” every morning while I lived at home as well. What a great memory. Tybee sunrises and sunsets are beautiful. We enjoyed them on North Beach back in June.

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