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Thank you all SO very much for your kind thoughts, prayers and messages yesterday.  Daddy-O did just fine with his knee replacement surgery.  I spoke with Mother a few times last night and then again this morning.  When I asked what he was doing this morning she said he was just finishing up his crossword puzzle.  I replied that must mean he is lucid and I hear him in the background “well, I’m no more lucid than normal”.  HA!  I took that as a very good sign.  It seems that he has already been released to go home, which just sounds crazy but I know he will be happier and more comfortable there.

We had originally planned to go down to Savannah this weekend but didn’t expect him to be home from the hospital until tomorrow and he was adamant that we could not come to the hospital.  Add the fact that Tybee was supposed to be slammed with a spring break event and we made the hard decision to not go on Thursday night.  Well, it turns out we were wrong on all accounts and I am so so sad that we stayed here.  Sister’s kids have a few days off school next week so they did go ahead and drive down.  I’m really missing ALL of them today.  On the bright side we got pine straw put down in the yard  Yep.  That’s my bright side :-)

I did start on our little Easter dinner for tomorrow, preparing a twice baked potato casserole and making bunny cakes for dessert.  I think we will dine on the porch and I’l share pics tomorrow.  Here is one from last year’s bunny cakes…

I’ll keep y’all updated on his progress in the coming weeks.  I have all my fingers and toes crossed that he is mobile enough to come up for Whit’s first communion in early May.

Thank you, again, for always being so kind to our family <3

Happy, happy Easter!



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15 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. I’m so sorry to have missed hearing about Daddy-O – but I’m very glad to hear he’s home and on the way to recovery. 💕

  2. Thank you, Heavenly Father. This is wonderful news and I am very relieved…have been checking your site all morning. :-). He sounds like MY dad and it made me smile. Thank you for the update, Amanda. I know you are missing all of them but remember that he will need a lot of rest and will be so happy to see you when he’s feeling stronger. Blessings to all as you remain in my prayers.

  3. Glad to hear your Dad did well with his surgery and is already at home recovering. I think all things considered you all made the right decision to stay at home for Easter.

    Not only will he need his rest but sometimes its nice not to have to be on the road during a holiday and enjoy being home. Have a wonderful and Blessed Easter.

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family, Amanda. I’m so glad your dad is on the mend and is home. Will be keeping him and all of you in my prayers. Have wonderful and blessed Easter. xoxo

  5. Your dad must be doing very well – I had both knees replaced and both times I was in the hospital for three nights. Really, they do have you up and about the next day, it is just amazing. And, another thing, after two rehabs I can honestly say that doing aquatic therapy as soon as the doctor okayed it, really sped up the healing process. So much easier to do all the exercises in the water. Have a lovely day with the family. Happy Easter!

  6. At age 51 I had both knees replaced at the same time. I am 11 years past that and never even notice them..such a relief. The main thing is to go to therapy and do every single exercise they tell you to three times a day. I’m glad he did well!

  7. Happy Easter to you and all of your family. I am sure your Daddy-O knew that your heart was right there with him throughout. So glad to hear his surgery went well and he is already home recovering.

  8. Glad he is home. I’m sure he’ll be a good patient for rehab as sure not to miss Whit’s big day. I can’t get over how grown up J&W looked in their Easter photo. I miss the knee socks, saddle shoes and john john days – sigh…..I almost didn’t recognize my boys when I took their picture they looked so grown up! Super cute bunny cakes!!!

  9. As I prepare for my eldest daughter’s high school graduation, I feel a tinge of sadness that time has passed so quickly, but I remind myself that this is exactly what is supposed to happen. We are doing exactly what we should be doing at the time we should be doing it and we are so blessed. All we can do is truly keep cherishing the days!

    1. Yes, that is exactly what I’ve been feeling too. Congrats to your daughter! Graduation is such a fun time.

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