Raised Garden Beds + Flower Garden {40×41}

I’m still chipping away at the remaining items on my 40×41 bucket list, although I’m well past my own deadline of my 41st birthday :-).  This one is a two-for as I knocked out #3: Plant a flower cutting garden (because I have a black thumb and have always wanted one) AND #5: Do something fabulous with the house’s old original wrought iron porch rails (I love this house so much and treasure every original feature) in one fell swoop.

I really love green and white gardens but wanted to have more color for flower cutting so I ended up using three of these raised garden beds from WalMart.  One for herbs, one for tomatoes and one for cutting flowers I am attempting to grow from seeds.  (I realize I may be counting my chickens before they hatch here marking this one complete).  I planted everything on Good Friday because Mother has always said that anything you plant that day will flourish :-)

Honey put them together and placed them in the clear, sunny spot where we used to have our old garden.  We had a lot of problems with voles eating the root balls previously, which is why we went with these raised beds.  They were quick and easy to put together.  I used a few brick pavers under some of the legs to level them out a bit.  This spot does slope down, as you can see.

In front of the pots are two white knock out roses – my first attempt at roses and an addition to my flower cutting garden.  I also have had pretty good luck with cutting my hydrangeas and gardenias (although those don’t keep as long.)  Along the gate I have planted a Moon flower vine from seeds.  I did one a few years ago and they were gorgeous and had a wonderful scent.  They open at night!

Speaking of the gate, that brings me to the second part of the garden story and my bucket list.  You can see the two original 1964 wrought iron railings that were on our home.  When we updated the exterior, I hated to toss them so I’ve been holding them under the porch for six years until I could come up with a way to use them.

Well, as Honey was installing the raised beds it dawned on me that they could be really lovely right here in the back yard.  They don’t serve any purpose other than being decorative, but it makes me immensely happy to see them back at the home where they belong.

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So far we are loving our scaled back herb and tomato garden, and I do have little springs coming up from the flower seeds!!  Fingers crossed!!



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21 thoughts on “Raised Garden Beds + Flower Garden {40×41}

  1. I love your new garden look – and the railings are a perfect idea there! Your knockout roses will do beautifully; they require no care other than pruning them down in the Fall when they’ve gotten too big for your taste. They are unlike the roses that are fussy, prone to blackspot, etc.

    Your cutting garden will be lovely, and I can’t wait to see what it produces. xoxo

  2. I’m just going to point out that your goal was to PLANT a flower cutting garden. You planted it! Check that box off your 40×41 list, girl! I’m sure it will be fabulous :)

  3. What a wonderful way to use those porch railings – I love it! And it’s funny your mother says that about planting on Good Friday. Here is Louisiana, it’s said if you dig in the dirt on that day the ground will bleed. Reason 84, 278 why I love living in the South with all our quirky saying and beliefs.

    (PS: I’d LOVE to hear your take on the new Southern Charm Savannah show. I’m pretty sure native Savannahians must be clutching pearls right about now.)

    1. Thank you!! Yes, so funny. I’m going to ask her if she’s ever heard that!

      As far as Southern Charm SAV. UGHHHHH!!! It’s atrocious. Where did they find those people?! Strip golfing??? I literally have no words for that show or anyone associated with it :-) I find SC Charleston much more entertaining. HA!

  4. We were always told that if you did in the ground on Good Friday, it will bleed. Glad you raised them. I think you just need to hire someone to do your flowers and herbs….. problem solved! Where’s Jon Malmin when you need him?

    1. Thank you! I have adored every stage with the boys but I sure do miss them being so little and always being home. <3

  5. I remember you sharing these on IG and I asked you about them. I totally forgot about them, but need to see if Walmart has them next time I go. I didn’t realize you had to build them, but that actually makes more sense! I started my herbs already in mason jars, but I could move them to one of these raised beds… they tend to outgrow the mason jars after awhile!


    1. Yes!! I love them. The only downside for me was having to drive all over town to find 3. :-)

  6. If you put your wrought iron rails in your garden, you could plant some cucumber vines or zucchini vines up against them and it will give the vines something to climb!!! :)

    Or, if you want flowers, you could do a Mandevilla or Bougainvillea :)

    1. Ahhh, yes!! Mandevilla. I LOVE that one and always think “where could I put that?!” LOL

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