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I shared on Instagram a few weeks ago that I finally bit the bullet on an air fryer.  After listening to two unrelated friends rave about theirs for months, including how much they loved it for feeding their boys (older and hungrier than mine), I was really wanting one.  I did a lot of research and took their advise to buy the biggest one possible and ended up with the Philips XL Air Fryer.  I purchased mine on a great sale from Williams Sonoma, but do check around as I have seen good prices on Philips XL Air Fryer as well.  To give you an idea, I watched the price range from $259 to $319 before catching it at $239 the day I decided to go for it.  As a side note, my girlfriend let me in a little secret that if you sign your kids up for a cooking class (free) at Williams Sonoma you get a coupon to shop while you are there.

So, here’s what I love:

  • It is super easy to use and heats up in just a couple of minutes.
  • My boys can even use it and have enjoyed heating up frozen chicken nuggets (6 mins!) and frozen fries on their own (we like the Alexia Smart Classics brand).
  • Speaking of chicken, I have been sending it in their lunches almost daily.  I stick a few chicken tenderloins in the fridge the night before to thaw, season them and throw them in the air fryer while they eat breakfast.  They are loving it and are no longer coming home from school starving.  John doesn’t get a snack or break in his long day, so this has really been great.  While they are both good eaters, we’ve had a lot of lunch food challenges in the last year where one won’t eat bread (it’s soggy), the other won’t eat cheese (it’s warm), one hates peanut butter, one hates lunch meat unless it is cold (I get it), etc. etc.   Everyone is happy thus far.
  • You can cook so many things in it, and I’ll share some of our favorites but we’ve done veggies, handcut fries, pierogies, bonuts and all sorts of frozen things.
  • The XL size is great.  Anything smaller would be too small, in my opinion.
  • Updated to add: I have particularly loved this as an oven alternative late in the summer when it just feels too hot to turn on my actual oven.

Here’s what I don’t love:

  • It is huge and takes up a ton of room on the counter.  I do hide it in the closet when I’m going a couple of days not using it.  Which, in all honesty has only been about 2 days since we got it 3-4 weeks ago!
  • It is very easy to clean so far with veggies and frozen foods, but I’m still struggling with cooking anything I bread because it sticks to the basket inside.
  • This is more stating the obvious than a “don’t love” but it is not an inexpensive appliance so you really should commit to using it.

I hope this helps answer the key questions around the air fryer!  If not, feel free to ask away.  I plan to share the actual recipes for what we are cooking really soon.

Happy Friday!


Philips XL Air Fryer

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8 thoughts on “Air Fryer Thoughts

  1. Hi Amanda!
    I just had to go through my old blog reader site name by name and realized you had dropped off my reading list. Anyway, found you now and you are back on my side bar.

    I don’t have one of these air fryers yet but they look really interesting to me.

    Have a great weekend- xo Diana

    1. I feel like it cooks more like an oven / roaster than a fry daddy type appliance where it is submerged in oil, though.

  2. OK, I am not very familiar with this at all, but looking online at them, I saw the mention of a smell. Curious if you experience this? I don’t fry things at all, honestly because I can’t stand the scent at all of a deep fryer (much to my husbands dismay!). So I would love to know what you think with this.

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