Christmas Goings, Doings & Musings

It’s been a whirlwind month, am I right?!

We started the celebrations at the sweetest Hanukkah play date organized by one of my neighbors.  She showed the kids how to play dreidel (with beads rather than candy due to allergies in the group), fed them latkes and taught them how and why they light the menorah.

We shopped for, wrapped and delivered gifts for the man we adopted through our church.  This is such a meaningful and wonderful experience and something I will do forever and always <3

I’ve been wearing plaid on repeat and loving my grandma’s emerald ring.  Mother brought up a jewelry box of Daddy-O’s mom’s rings a few months ago and let Sister and I each choose four.  This is one of the rings I got and I love it so, so, so very much.

We saw Star Wars on opening night with the B family!!  It’s our holiday tradition!  We all LOVED the movie so much!!!!!!!   I wore all the Star Wars things for the event.  The 30-year old new-mom version of me never would have thought the 40-something year old mom of two boys version of me would have Star Wars attire for every occasion.

Sister and her family invited us to an Elf themed Christmas brunch at their club.  It was SO darn cute!!  The dining room was decorated in paper chains and snowflakes and they had the movie playing on a big screen.

Everything was delicious but the Elf Spaghetti cupcake station literally took the cake!

I attended Whit’s Christmas party at school and we had so much fun.  I went as just a plain old mom – not a room mom or a volunteer or photographer – and it felt so liberating and wonderful for a change.  :-)

I hosted this amazing group of kids for what I hope will be our first annual neighborhood caroling night.  We started with hot cocoa and then went door to door singing songs.  It was so memorable and every person that answered their door seemed genuinely touched that we came.  There is nothing sweeter than children singing Christmas songs.

We had two parties – one adult and one kid – after our last day of school and then hit the brakes hard!!!  I hope that you and yours have had a wonderful season of holiday celebrations and are looking forward to a few more over the next few days.



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2 thoughts on “Christmas Goings, Doings & Musings

  1. So festive, so fun, so plaid! :-) Your special keepsake emerald is gorgeous!

    I also just love these last few days to take relax and take it all in.

    Merry Christmas, Amanda! Enjoy your family Christmas traditions
    and tell Sister that we’re all excited that this is finally the year we see inside her beach house! ;-) ha ha


  2. What a fun and festive season you’ve had! Doesn’t it all go by in the blink of an eye?

    Hope you enjoy your Christmas weekend, friend! xo

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