Sister’s Annual Gingerbread Soiree

We had the best time over at Sister’s house for her annual gingerbread party!  As usual, she had everything looking fabulously cute.

She got the personalized silly straws for Easter baskets and then when our plans to drive down were changed at the last minute she held on to them all this time.  (find them here)  They are SO adorable and make for the cutest ever party favor.

The kids put a lot more thought and effort into their houses this year.  I do love that John never fails to add the “candy junkyard” to all of his creations.  This is something he coined around age 3.  He just dumps as much candy as he can onto the “yard” of the house.  If we are doing Halloween houses it becomes a “candy graveyard”.

The master makers…

As fun as the party was, I think little Lolly stole the show.

She is the sweetest puppy.  And SO good.  I could not believe it that she didn’t have an accident in the first 24 hours home.

We rounded out our party with take out from Spanky’s beachside.  It’s been my favorite place to eat on Tybee for decades.



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