Ballerina Charm Recital Bouquet

After missing CeeCee’s recital last year, I put this one on my calendar on the first day of her dance class in the fall!  Since I saw her multiple times in the days leading up to it, I got some great sneak peeks.  But, seeing her with her perfect bun in her darling costume on the big stage was spectacular!

CeeCee’s stunning bouquet from her parents and brother was from Le Jardin Francais.

Like the last two years, I wanted to make her a small bouquet just from her “aunchie”.  Since Mother, Daddy-O and my family gave her a Pandora bracelet for her birthday, we decided to add her first charm for the recital…. the sweetest little ballerina.  I always tuck something special in her bouquet and knew this was the perfect way to present it to her.

I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen this color combination of flowers for most occasions, but I knew she would love it.  (She did!)  I started with a mixed bouquet from Trader Joe’s and a small bunch of pink roses.  I just held everything in my fist to arrange it and then used a rubber band to secure the stems.  I cut them all at the same length, just long enough for her to hold them by.  Then, I took a piece of pink ribbon and tied the charm to one of the stems.  I simply worked it up through the flowers to perch right on top.  I covered the rubber band with a huge bow.  It only took a few minutes!!

CeeCee immediately spied the ballerina charm and was SO excited!!  It was her first one for her bracelet.  Sister knew we were doing it so she had the bracelet in her purse and CeeCee was chomping at the bit to take her photos and then put it on.

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It is so hard to believe that this was her third ballet recital and she starts Kindergarten in just a couple of months!


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4 thoughts on “Ballerina Charm Recital Bouquet

  1. The bouquet is perfect – what a special way to present her first charm! And as always, CeeCee is positively precious! xo

  2. Another *delightful* masterpiece! CeeCee is a classic beauty and a precious, tiny ballerina. <3 Her manicured nails are gorgeous and if that polish color is "Ballet Slippers" by Essie, I'm going to scream!! You all don't miss a trick! :-) Thank you so much for sharing this adorable moment.

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