Patriotic Pom Pom Sun Hat DIY

I have the cutest last minute July 4th craft for y’all today!  This one takes about 5 minutes and everything can be ordered on Amazon Prime before the holiday.

You’ll need: Fabric Glue  | Pom Poms  |  Sun Hat

I fished the red, white and blue pom poms out of the set, keeping the rest for future projects.  I evenly spaced them on my hat with it laying flat on top of an unfolded plastic trash bag (to protect from glue seeping through).  Once I was happy, I picked up each individual pom pom, gave it a dollop of glue and pressed it back into place.  I let it dry overnight and it was ready to wear!!

I still love last year’s Sentiment Sun Hat DIY and wear it frequently.  It held up great in the last year!

This is our first weekend at home with no sports since school got out.  I am SOOOOO happy to get some things done around here!!

Fabric Glue  | Pom Poms  |  Sun Hat
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