Mother Makes {Hula Slides}

If you didn’t already know it, you probably guessed it… my mom started her career as a kindergarten teacher.  :-)  She later pursued multiple additional degrees and moved out of the classroom but she always stayed creative, patient and crafty.  Down in Savannah, she had a craft project making ball jar “aquariums” for the grands and another one making these “hula slides” for the ladies.   These are really easy and fun for beach shoes, which is how we used them!

Now, she saw this idea (or one similar) somewhere and cannot for the life of her remember where – a magazine, blog, social media, tv???????  I never, ever want to rip off another person’s idea and we have searched both the internet and even pinterest to see if we could figure out the source to no avail.  If you know who thought of this originally, let me know so I can give proper credit!

Hula Slides Beach Shoes DIY

You’ll need:

  • Slide style shoes – these were from Walmart, I think my mom said for around $6
  • Hula skirts – pick them up from the dollar store, you will need 1.5 skirts per pair of shoes
  • hot glue
  • scissors

First, we had to remove the glued on bow from the slides.  If you can find them in a neutral color (rather than black), even better!

Next, hold up your hula skirt to the slides and cut 6 lengths of the skirt.  For each shoe you will need: 1 to go along the top of the slide, 1 to go across the middle of the slide, and 1 to go near the bottom of the slide.  Before you cut each length, push together the pieces of hula grass as close as possible.  Leave a little extra length of the rope on each end of each strip so that the pieces don’t easily fall off.

You will start by gluing the first strip down on the top of the slide closest to your toes.  You will want the string/rope part close to the edge, with the strands of grass coming out towards the toe end of the show.  Press it down firmly and be sure you secure the ends well.  Once dried, trim off the extra ends and then trim down the grass to be about 1-1.5 inches long, based on your preference.  You can always start longer and then trim back.

The next strip goes in the center of the slide, with the grass strands on top of your first row.  Glue, press, cut the ends, and trim down the grass.

The final strip goes as close as possible to the bottom edge of the slide.  You will want to try and cover up the fabric of the slide.  Repeat the same process of gluing and trimming.

They are inexpensive, cute and easy!  Happy crafting!


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2 thoughts on “Mother Makes {Hula Slides}

  1. What a darling idea. Crafting some sort of tennis shoe or flip flop was always on the summer bucket list for our girls when they were younger. I remember one year tying 100s of water balloons on their flip flops for pool shoes.

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