Rite of Passage

I’m popping in today for a rare mini-update on John.  He woke up yesterday like this…

… and a few hours later was sporting braces!!  (He requested  “social media shout out” but will have to make do with this “Hi” here on the blog.)

Getting and wearing braces was one of the most hideous phases of my life, hands down.  I hated my orthodontist and every.single.day of sporting a metal mouth.  I was constantly in pain – whether it was from the braces rubbing sores inside my mouth, the wires poking me in the back or from the head gear.  Expecting him to eat soft foods exclusively for at least a week… classic over-reactor here that’s totally projecting the worst phase of her teens on her son… I stocked up on my faves from this period in my life.  Instant mashed potatoes and homemade applesauce.  I spared him the deviled ham that I loved on my instant mash, however.  LOL. (Did anyone else ever eat this?)

As it turns out, he took the whole thing in stride.  He did have a little soreness but seemed find by bedtime.  He loved the applesauce AND mashed potatoes, and then also ate Chipotle.  :-)

He will wear them for 14-18 months and require no special apparatus.  It’s hard to believe that he’ll be a rising freshman at the same time that he gets these off.  Time flies faster and faster every year.


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6 thoughts on “Rite of Passage

  1. Amanda,
    I don’t think braces are what they used to be, when we were kids. My just turned 12-year-old daughter was actually excited to get hers!?! Can you imagine? She said she thinks they’re cute and apparently everybody likes to pick out cute color combos for the rubberband things that go over the brackets :) She also didn’t seem to experience the kind of pain I remember having. I’m like you, I have horrifying recollections of braces, including a humiliating moment of getting them caught in a volleyball net during PE in 7th grade!! Bless their hearts, I wouldn’t take a million dollars to do junior high again!

  2. Oh my gosh, he looks so grown up here!!! I can’t believe the change in him over the past few years. Time does fly by!! My Sophie is also a 7th grader and turns 13 in February. She got her braces a year ago, and she also sailed right through. These kids are tough!!

  3. John has grown into such a handsome young man and although rare its good to see his smiling face again! I do think braces have come a long way and many teens actually look forward to having them. I must tell you my niece had braces and had to wear them for the same amount of time as John will and she absolutely has the most beautiful straight teeth I have ever seen.

  4. I got my braces at 50 so I had a different experience ?. All my grands have had them save for my 7 year old and hers are coming. Some are even on round 2.

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