Reading to Cats {Part 2}

Whit saved up a little donation and couldn’t wait to spend another afternoon reading to the cats at a local no-kill shelter.

They allow a few kids in at a time and create a library environment where they read in a soft voice while the cats roam around.  They always seem to flock near the kids.  It is the sweetest thing!

I brought my own book this time and got in on the fun.  :-)

At the end, the reward is getting to play in the kitten room.  It is soooo hard not to bring one home!  But, Honey is severely allergic so that’s not an option.

Oh, and Whit was thrilled to find out that both Jupiter and Mercury, who he read to last time, were adopted in the last month!  They were older special needs kitties and we were both so happy that they found a forever home.  <3

I treasure this time with Whit doing something he loves.  He is a friend to all animals, just like we always called Sister growing up.


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One thought on “Reading to Cats {Part 2}

  1. You know I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Whit interested in becoming a Vet! His love for animals is so evident and he has such a tender, sweet way with them. Getting a cat to sit on a blanket while you read them a story is no easy task. The cat truly looks like he is understanding everything Whit is reading to him. Thanks Whit for volunteering at shelters and spending time with these animals.

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