Girls Day Out {Peter Pan & Anastasia Ballets}

Sister, CeeCee and I enjoyed a lovely girls day out to brunch and the ballet! I love that I get to take a break from lacrosse and baseball every now and then to have a real girly outing. :-)

We started with brunch at Tupelo Honey. I wish I could rave about it, but it was a solid okay.

Afterwards we were off to the ballet! Each spring the Atlanta Dance Theater and Roswell Dance Theater join forces to present a wonderful show. Last year was Mary Poppins and Beauty and the Beast. This year was Peter Pan and Anastasia. They are ideal for nurturing a love of the arts and ballet for little ones, and are entertaining for all ages.

Sister and I grew up dancing and performing with the artistic director at Atlanta Dance Theater (Shelly Grames) and we always love the chance to come see her work and support her company! CeeCee takes lessons with the school associated with Roswell Dance Theater so, of course, we love going out to see them too.

Many thanks to Honey for holding down the fort back home, and to those that helped him get the kids all over town (literally from Kennesaw to Fayetteville and in between), just so I could take the afternoon off. Speaking of which, this is Whit’s new birthday gift of choice. Any other fans of the Fortnite llama?! Haha. (Gift card or money tucked inside… thanks to Sister for finding this for us.) It takes a village!

Enjoy your weekend!

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