Happy Birthday, Honey!

Honey celebrated his birthday today!! Like most of the adult world with a hump day birthday, he spent it working. :-) And, in the usual fashion, we had to divide and conquer in getting kids home from school, to and from swim team, and to a huge high school lacrosse game. We did go out to his favorite Mexican restaurant (Los Bravos) for a burrito especial and a big beer. And, in lieu of a cake, we celebrated with double doozies from Great American Cookie Co.

I know I say it often, but this is the most patient, kind, laid-back, level headed man I’ve ever known. He takes such good care of his little family and we all know, without a doubt, that there is nothing he wouldn’t do for us. He is often the voice of reason as we navigate parenting a teen, when the boys are arguing, when Elsa digs a giant hole, when I’m overwhelmed with work, or whatever the situation may be. He works hard all day, but has never once complained about chipping in at home as well. At an age where our friends are increasingly faced with the lemons in life (illness, aging parents, etc.), I feel luckier and more blessed than ever to have this man by my side. And, as our own kids grow up and approach adulthood (I mean, I’ve got some time on this obviously), I have an immense amount of respect for HIS mother for raising such a fine man.

Happy birthday, Honey!!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Honey!

  1. I just love y’all. I love your home and style but it’s also nice that we get to know your sweet family (which, of course, includes Elsa). Can’t imagine not having your inspiration in my life.

    1. That made my day. Thank you so, so much for reading here and taking the time to share those kind words!

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