Best Dad’s Around

Honey spent his Father’s Day weekend at three baseball games and four lacrosse games – driving from North Georgia to Peachtree City and back – and wouldn’t have done one minute of it differently! There’s really nothing that brings him more joy that hanging out with his family and cheering his boys on, in whatever they’re doing. The early wake up calls and late nights were rewarded with Whit’s team runner up in his baseball championship and John’s team taking first in the lacrosse tournament. John also carried home the MVP trophy, which had me blinking back the tears on the field.

If you spent a few minutes around here you’d know Honey is the most patient man in the world. Take my word for it that he’s also hard working. laid back and and loving. He can fix anything – tears, dirty messes, and even electrical wiring – and I am thankful that we have him every single day.

I’m also sending all the love in the world to the first man I ever loved. My Daddy-O. He was strict in raising us, but was always there – at the dance recitals, prom send-offs, college move ins/outs and cheer events. He’s still always here for us – the birthdays for the grands, the anniversaries for us and all of the other crazy parties and trips his girls are planning. Like Honey, he was my original fix-it man – stepping in to help for things big and small.

As I scrolled through Facebook and Instagram today, I was stricken with just how many of my friends – and even my own husband – are celebrating their father in Heaven today. My heart broke a little with every one I read and over all of the beautiful words and memories and photos that were shared. I am thinking of each and every one of you, sweet friends, and know your dad’s are so proud of the adults you’ve become. I am so unbelievably, so incredibly thankful to have this man right here on earth and do not take for granted a single call, text or visit. I can’t wait to hug his neck as we jet set off on our next family adventure in a few short weeks. These are the days. <3


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2 thoughts on “Best Dad’s Around

  1. Congratulations to your sons and their teams. That complex in Peachtree City is not far from me and I passed by there this weekend–lots of folks there. But good weather. Happy Father’s Day to your hubby and father–Seeing good Dads is a wonderful thing. I am so very thankful for my Daddy(Best Daddy in the world) and I miss him everyday, but also thankful for my husband and 2 son-in-laws–all very good Dads too.

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