This is too funny. I read it when I was walking out the door with my cardigan (IN SEPTEMBER), purse, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, keys, wallet, bubbly water, etc.

We ate at Jinya ramen bar in Vancouver on the first night of our Alaska adventure. The boys continued to talk about it for the.entire.trip. I found out there is one in Atlanta and surprised the boys last weekend!!! They were SO SO excited! And it was equally as yummy.

Snacks were needed in Whit’s classroom last week and we had to get creative to find healthy gluten free, nut free options for each day. On my day I lucked out finding babybel cheese on bogo and green grapes on sale! Whit said they loved them and I thought it would be really cute for a holiday party as well.

Savannah is known for the benne wafer cookie from Byrd’s. I cannot believe they sell them in Trader Joe’s now!! I have been setting them out on charcuterie boards when we entertain and love the nod to home sweet home. Now, if only they get key lime coolers…

Also from Trader Joe’s, I keep this in my freezer for a night when the rest of the family has dinner plans. I tear up the naan and spoon on the chickpeas. It’s so good! I’ve been eating it for years.

A friend shared a post of the most hysterical autocorrect texts I’ve ever read this week. I honestly could not stop laughing. Here’s a taste…

To end on a sweet note, does time hop slay you the way it does me?!

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!!

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