My Go-To Meal Delivery Options {Homemade Chili & Fixin’s and Spoonful of Comfort}

I really, really enjoy cooking – both for my family and for others. It is a way I love to love on others. In the last couple of weeks I have had two friends going through things where I thought a hot meal could be just what they needed.

Chili & Fixin’s

My go to meal to deliver to friends during the fall and winter months is chili. It’s hearty, reheats well and can even be frozen for later. I can make everything early in the day and have it delivered late afternoon / early evening. And, I usually double everything and feed my family the same thing for a couple of nights. Here’s what I include:

  • Beef and Bean Chili RECIPE
  • Honey cornbread (I love Krusteaz)
  • Salad in a bag (this one from Publix is my favorite)
  • Toppings like sour cream, oyster crackers and cheese
  • Brownie Pie RECIPE (I use a frozen deep dish pie crust in a tin pan when delivering)

I send everything in disposable containers so there is nothing to wash and return, and I like to include paper plates, bowls, cutlery and cups for easy clean up.

Spoonful of Comfort

Sometimes we live too far from a friend or loved one to deliver a homemade meal. In this case, I have been loving Spoonful of Comfort! I usually send the chicken noodle soup with rolls and chocolate chip cookies. It is beautifully presented and both times I’ve sent it the recipient gave rave reviews.

After the soup is long gone, I think it is so special that the signature ladle is a reminder that they are loved.

From the beautiful custom note card and floral “wrap” to the hand-tied cheerful yellow polka dot ribbon adorning our signature ladle. Careful attention has been paid to every detail to ensure your thoughtfulness continues long after the last spoonful of soup has been enjoyed.

If you have a favorite delivery meal – either homemade or store bought, feel free to share. I always love learning about new companies and recipes!

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10 thoughts on “My Go-To Meal Delivery Options {Homemade Chili & Fixin’s and Spoonful of Comfort}

  1. Oh I love this! I also love to cook and make meals. My go to is bbq pork that I make in the crockpot and serve with buns, barefoot contessa homemade Mac and cheese, bag salad and brownies. I also make tortellini soup with a baguette- from edie watsworth. I did have a friend who lost her husband and needed meals and She asked me to just either order a pizza or bring over all the taco fixings. She said she loved getting meals but she got a ton of casseroles and her kids really just wanted something easy. I keep that in mind too when bringing dinner.

    1. I love these ideas! BBQ pork sounds great for summer meal delivery too. I make Edie’s tortellini soup at home as well. It’s so good!

  2. Thanks for this beautiful post! I am actually delivering homemade potato soup to a friend tomorrow who’s husband has his jaws wired shut after a hard fall….I had not thought about including crackers and other toppings..duh! And the other details you shared….it will certainly make it a special delivery…..I am taking a frozen ice cream pie with it….I purchased a pumpkin pie milkshake today from a local ice cream shop, poured it into a graham cracker crust and it’s in the freezer now…adding some homemade whipping cream, whipped in a separate container…..easiest dish ever!! Thankfully they live close so I am able to deliver something frozen along with the hot soup. Thanks for your caring really does make a difference!

    1. I love your ideas as well! That ice cream pie idea is genius! I am sure your friend will great appreciate your thoughtfulness. xo

  3. I’ve never heard of Spoonful of Comfort! What a great idea! I use the cookie delivery service Tiff’s Treats quite often. It delivers warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk.

    Being a Texan, my go to delivery meal is shredded chicken tacos. I deliver them with all the fixings and warm tortillas from our local grocery store that are made fresh daily. I also deliver with tortilla chips and cheese for them to make nachos the next day with the leftovers. It’s always a hit. I’ve done the same with pulled pork. Next day bbq nachos are so yummy and different.

  4. I too love delivering a meal to someone who is having a rough time, and I also use only disposables so they don’t have to wash pans or worry about returning pans or tupperware. I never thought of including paper plates & plastic cutlery, so I will remember that for next time. Since my hub & I are recent empty nesters, we enjoy the Home Chef meal kits for ourselves once or twice a week (the ones you buy in your Kroger store). Also, a few times when a close friend who lives out-of-state had a death in the fam or a spouse who had a big surgery, I sent an E-gift card from Home Chef. That way, they recieve the gift card immediately, and they can go online and order a few meals to their liking to be delivered at their convenience. Of course the Home Chef meals require some chopping & prep, but it’s still easy b/c everything you need is in the box, and they have some unique and delicious options.

  5. I love the special details you include – that makes it just perfectly thoughtful!

    I like to send a roasted chicken with sides; baked spaghetti or ziti; easy enchiladas or soups of any kind.

    Thank you for sharing! xo

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