Nutcracker 2019

Our tiny ballerina performed in her second Nutcracker this year! We ALL came out to see one of her seven shows!!! CeeCee was in the cavalry in one of the most iconic scenes of the ballet.

She’s still the tiniest one in her group. Sister let me go backstage to claim her after the show. She is always so generous with CeeCee’s time and letting me be involved in everything, and I appreciate that more than anything in the world.

Afterwards, the ten of us enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant. We retreated to our house so the kids could play and the adults unwind. The men and boys quickly dissipated while the ladies… ALL of us… fawned over our girl. :-)

I made CeeCee a quick and easy bouquet with a ballerina ornament for the tree in her room. She so carefully examined every ornament on my tree at Thanksgiving that I knew this would be something she’d love. <3

I would love for CeeCee to keep dancing, but cheerleading may have stolen her heart. Either way, I can’t wait to continue cheering her on!

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2 thoughts on “Nutcracker 2019

  1. Oh, she is such a little doll baby! I think I will miss her dance posts almost as much as you if she decides to do cheerleading, LOL! Thank you for sharing, I look forward to seeing her little costume every year.

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