Seeing Santa

2019 marked the fourteenth year of heading down to Phipps Plaza to see the quintessential Atlanta Santa! 

This is one of those things (one of very, very few things) that I make my boys do. We see families every year with their college aged kids in tow, and it’s a tradition I plan to keep for a looooong time.   Whit was still looking forward to seeing Santa and, seeing as he’s only in fifth grade, THANK GOODNESS! Shockingly enough, I had zero complaints from the teen this year. I think he learned… it takes 3 minutes of your time, 2 seconds of smiling and 1 photo. In return, your mother is overjoyed and takes you to your favorite dinner at Maggiano’s. It’s really a win-win, right?! I vividly remember our first year when Santa held a tiny John, and a couple of years later when a newborn Whit joined him. You can barely see the man behind these kids!

This was our kickoff to holiday festivities on the first day of Thanksgiving break and is a night I treasure every year.

Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas season!

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5 thoughts on “Seeing Santa

  1. I thought it might be cute to take a maternity photo with Santa before starting the yearly tradition, and I didn’t realize Phipps Santa sells out so quickly!!!! I do like the big green chair at Lenox (if they still do that?) but I feel like most people prefer Phipps…

    1. Oh Santa at Phipps is crazy. I think pre-registration is in July and we book our visit in Sept or early October. See if you can sign up for a notification. I’ll try to remember to tell you this summer when I hear something. :-)

  2. Your family is beautiful. My youngest son and I have had our pictures taken together every year with Santa for YEARS. Everyone always called him Mama’s boy-so we get two photos- one for his wife and one for my hubby…and now his son is in the picture,too. lol

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