Valentine’s Day Decor

I shared our Be Mine door hanger earlier in the week and, as promised, I’m back with the little touches I add inside for the month of February.

This year in the foyer I have a vase of hydrangeas (from the Teacher Appreciation Week luncheon), small bowl of conversation hearts and two canvases painted by Mother from prior years. Simple and sweet.

In the kitchen I hung the white heart garland on the mirror and put out the big white heart pillow. Both were from Target last year.

I *finally* found cinnamon jelly hearts on the fourth try. Apparently the rest of the world loves them as much as I do. Favorite candy ever! (Don’t make the mistake of buying the cherry jelly hearts…) The “enchanted” rose was from the Disney Social Media Moms conference a couple of years ago. Flowers in pinks, purples and reds have made these dreary winter days much more cheerful.

Last year I started updating the frame in my kitchen with a different seasonal photo from years past each month. I miss these babies and the days of matching holiday outfits! Also. RIP Peanut Man… a strange and awkward marketing moment for sure. You will live on in bronze at our home. :-)

The last little thing in the kitchen are dish towels. An easy, inexpensive way to add holiday cheer.

In the den I have a pretty pink candle, stack of season magazines, more candy and a smaller vase of pink flowers.

That’s all I’ll do for Valentine’s day decor. I save my energy for Halloween and Christmas, but do bring out a few things for Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and July 4th.

I’m really excited about Honey’s gift this year. We will be celebrating in Birmingham on the way to Fairhope and New Orleans!

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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Decor

  1. Such simple touches but still commemorate the day. I’m following your lead and am going to stick to decorating the tray on our kitchen table for the different seasons/ holidays

  2. Hi Amanda! Oh, my gosh! I was also in a panic for our beloved cinnamon hearts! This is serious business, gals! They were briefly spotted at CVS just after Christmas, never to return! :-( I finally tracked them down at Target and my husband sped off at 9pm last week to grab them for me. LOL There were only a few bags left so I’m not sure what happened this year but Valentine’s Day is saved! :-) Whew!! Your decor is adorable and the white garland is FABULOUS!! Happy Valentine’s Day, with love to all. Jane

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