Acorn Cottage Home Tour

I am SO very excited to be able to share a tour of my dear friends’ – Ron & Jeff – Uptown New Orleans home. We affectionately call it Acorn Cottage and it is absolutely gorgeous. I could have spent hours walking through it and taking in every detail (and photographing it for y’all), but I did this quickly so I could spend my time visiting with the guys.

Keep in mind that these photos were taken on a dreary day and hardly do Acorn Cottage justice! Not only is Ron amazing inside, but he is brilliant in landscaping as well. Everything in this post shows the house as it was decorated for Mardi Gras. They don’t normally have all of the purple, green and gold out. :-)

Coming inside, you will be blown away by Ron’s attention to detail and incredible style. Honestly, walking into Acorn Cottage was like coming home. I have so many fond memories of times in Ron’s Atlanta home and previous New Orleans home. Acorn Cottage is different and unique, but still true to their great taste!

Ron expertly mixes his traditional style and antiques with modern lighting and accessories. I love all of his original art and the fabrics he chose for Acorn Cottage!

There is a long hallway from the front door straight through to the courtyard. Of course, Ron leaves no space undone!

The kitchen is light and bright with lots of storage. It hardly resembles the “before”.

The dining room was set up for the party that evening. All of the high heel shoes and purses are parade throws from Mardi Gras past.

The casual den area is at the back of the house, off of the kitchen and dining room, and is cozy and wonderfully decorated.

Acorn Cottage has two bedrooms. This is the master.

The bedrooms are separated by this STUNNING hallway! I was dying at the wallpaper.

Ron affectionately calls the guest room the “Mardi Gras” room. Of course, it is done tastefully. If you’re familiar with NOLA, the painting is the Carousel Bar!

Ron’s bathroom has more incredible wallpaper. Like the kitchen, you would never recognize the after if you’d seen the before.

Jeff’s bathroom is right next door and he designed it himself! (Love you, Jeff!) I got a sneak peek at the wallpaper going in here and it’s going to be good!

Many, many thanks to Ron and Jeff for having us. I LOVED our dinner and the day I got to spend with y’all!!!!!

You can hop over to Ron’s blog and follow along there for many more house updates, seasonal tours and life and style in New Orleans!

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15 thoughts on “Acorn Cottage Home Tour

  1. I wanted to see this beauty so very badly but I had an annoying pop up ad that covered a big portion on the pics. I could not erase or cancel it.

  2. Acorn Cottage is beautiful and I love the Mardi Gras decorations–I’m thinking the holiday decorations there must also be beautiful–Thank you and your friends for sharing with s!

  3. Great tour of the beautifully adorned Acorn Cottage! I have been following Amanda’s blog (Dixie Delights) since her boys were very little and now they have grown into handsome young men. I have always admired her beautiful home with a traditional style and a bit of prep and whimsy.

    She did a great job highlighting Acorn Cottage and all the beautiful renovations you and J have done to make it your own.

  4. What a great tour of the Acorn Cottage. Ron and Jeff do a classy job at MG and throughout the seasons! Thanks for featuring the cottage. xoxo

  5. Any ideas on how Ron attached the oyster pics in gold frames to his bookcases? I would love to do the same on my dining room bookcases…..thx for checking if you can!

    Love the art and the unique light fixtures…his houses are always so rich and full of interesting things.

  6. Wow! My Island Friends this is absolutely beautiful! Glad I got to view it but would love to see it in person over a margarita!🍹😍

  7. What a charming home. I love everything about it! I enjoyed it when you posted on your instagram stories. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow! So much fun to view! The art they have collected is fabulous. Absolutely love the gold canvases. Thanks for sharing :)

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