Simply Jessica Marie Color Cocktails Watercolor Class

I spent the entire summer doing something I’ve never done before… taking Simply Jessica Marie‘s painting class! It is entirely FREE and so much FUN! I first shared the class with y’all back in July but wanted to follow up now that it is complete to say how very much I enjoyed it.

When you sign up for the free email series, Jessica first emails you a supply list. I used her links to purchase them at Dick Blick online.

Every weekend, usually while the boys were golfing, I cleaned the kitchen, put on some music and got to work! Each video is only 15-20 minutes long and she teaches you how to mix a color.

Then, she gives you a quick overview on how to make a painting with that color. I purchased only one pad of the watercolor paper she recommended, and cut each page into a 5×7 card for my paintings.

Another thing I learned is that you can let the palettes dry out after you’re done and then simply re-hyrdrate them for projects down the road! So neat! I labeled mine so I’d know what was in them. :-)

I saved each of the “color cocktail” mixture pages and stapled them together for future reference. I did these on regular paper, since I was limited on watercolor paper.

These are my favorites from the past fourteen weeks! I have no idea where I’ll end up putting them but thinking of framing them together.

Now, I have everything packed up and am sending all of the supplies to Mother so she can start the class! There was plenty of paint left and I’m also sending her brushes and palettes!

You can sign up for the class here.

Simply Jessica Marie Crest

Simply Jessica Marie may sound familiar, as she is the artist behind my gorgeous family crest that I shared a few weeks back.

You can find all the details on creating that process with Jessica here. I know many of you have already contacted her!!

Have you learned anything new or found some fun, unique things to do during this crazy time? Feel free to share!

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