Winter Welcome

I looked for a long time for the perfect thing for our front door in those winter weeks between Christmas and Valentine’s Day before finding this Have Mercy cross a few years ago. I love putting it up at the start of January, and then again for the Easter season.

I chose “peace” and requested that the owner/artist, Elizabeth Warner, add turquoise and tan to the typically all white cross. I love the white and gold for winter. I attached it to a boxwood wreath (Target a few years ago) but have also hung it straight on the door.

I lost one of my original pots (almost 20 years old!) in the random hurricane we had this fall. These were the best replacements I could find (Home Depot.) They looked fine with my faux Christmas arrangements but are just pathetic right now with this sad lot of pansies! I sent a 9-1-1 to Mother asking what was wrong with them. She let me know that I need to buy big, lush full ones not the tiny flowers in the flats. We agreed I should just give up on these for winter 2021 and start off with better plants next year. I don’t know about you, but my front porch is already looking forward to spring!

Over on the side door I have my Bronwyn Hanahan cross this January. I planted the sad little pansies in this pot back in November. Not winning on plants this season… at least the rest of the view is nice. :-)

It turned out an absolutely frigid, most dreary day here in Atlanta. I bundled up this morning and happened to take these in a brief moment of bright sunshine. I guess the porch and pots aren’t the only ones around here ready for Spring. ha!

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5 thoughts on “Winter Welcome

  1. Hey, Amanda.
    Pike’s has a bag of pansie food that you can dump on the pansies and they will do well. Mine get eaten by deer often and seem to get pretty then big, then freeze, etc. Pansies also get small and almost seem dormant in Jan and Feb when it freezes, in Atl, but with the food they will be beautiful by Easter. At Pike’s, they may have a few snap dragons left that you can add in for height. They are so pretty when they bloom with pansies around Easter time Your neighbors will stop and tell you. They might say it’s a little late to plant the snap dragons but I have planted this time of year. They kind of die back when it freezes. Just cut it back if it wilts and add the pansie food to them too and you will have pretty flowers for Spring. It’s pretty low maintenance. (You don’t have to post this!)

  2. Love the crosses, Amanda. Here in New Orleans I have a king cake door hanger on my door as of yesterday. My plants look the same though, except for our potted citrus and olive trees. Everything else will have to wait for warmer (and more consistent) weather!

  3. I have always admired your Have Mercy cross especially at Easter. I bought a monogram snowflake door hanger for something after Christmas but before Valentines. Speaking of Valentines, HomeGoods had some cute pom-pom heart shaped hangers. I bought one for my front door and now I wish I had bought two.

    I found that the small Johnny Jump Ups (I call them mini-pansies) do better for me in the winter than pansies. I live in central VA so we get some cold weather and mine still look fresh and full in my front planters.

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