A Few Sweet Touches for Valentine’s Day

I love adding a few sweet touches to my decor for Valentine’s Day. It helps make the dreary winter days seem a little more cheerful.

Mother and Daddy-O sent a Valentine package to us with a little something for everyone. I received my favorite cinnamon jelly hearts, a lovely Clinique lip gloss and this festive heart garland hand painted and cut my Mother!!! I just love it and was thrilled to hang it up.

I took down my dogs and displayed the candy in a silver compote (also a gift from Mother decades ago). The “enchanted” rose was from the Disney Social Media Moms conference a couple of years ago. Flowers in pinks, purples and reds are in a piece from my Happy Everything collection.

Small Nesting Cube

Since we spend so much time in the kitchen, I often add a little seasonal decor on the table.

Here, I’m using more cinnamon jelly hearts in a silver revere bowl, a larger flower arrangement and festive napkins. All easy, inexpensive ways to add holiday fun.

Medium Nesting Cube | Heart Mini Attachment

I hung a white heart garland on the mirror and put out a big white heart pillow. Both were from Target two years ago. I love that they are festive but neutral.

A couple of years ago I started updating the frame in my kitchen with a different seasonal photo each month. I miss these babies and the days of matching holiday outfits! The XOXO attachment was new this year. Dark chocolate Dove hearts (John’s favorite) are out of Elsa’s reach here on the counter.

The last little thing in the kitchen are dish towels.

In the den I have a pretty pink candle, stack of season magazines, more candy and a smaller vase of flowers. One bunch of spray roses and purple carnations went a long way!

You’ll find that I use all of my little bowls for seasonal candy.

That’s all I’ll do for Valentine’s day decor. I hope you have a sweet day!

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4 thoughts on “A Few Sweet Touches for Valentine’s Day

  1. I love your blog, Amanda! It blesses my heart each day!❤️ You have a God given talent for making your home a beautiful, yummy, lovely, and happy, place…….thank you for sharing it with all of us and encouraging us to add the simple holiday touches to make our homes festive for each occasion also! Blessings to you.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day, Amanda! 💕❤💕❤ I LOVE your mom’s garland and thought of you while picking up my cinnamon hearts. 😋 💕 ♥️ 💜 💕 Your flower combo is lovely and I remember your boys being that age like it was yesterday! 🤯😭😭😭 Have a sweet weekend! 💜🌹💜🌹💜🌹 Jane

  3. Sending warm Valentines wishes! The heart garland your Mom made is just too pretty and I love all your Valentine touches. My hubby loves the cherry flavored jelly hearts so I filled our candy dish with those and my favorite is those little hot cinnamon candies shaped like hearts. Hope you have a great Valentines weekend. The forecast in central VA is not pretty with snow and ice called for Saturday so tomorrow I might pick up some lobster tails for Sunday Valentines dinner instead of going out for dinner.

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