Farmgirl Flowers in the Office

I suppose if I must be tied to my computer, there’s no better way to do it than with a huge bouquet of fresh flowers on my desk. Honey sent Farmgirl Flowers for my birthday and, as always, they are spectacular.

They come wrapped in burlap, but I have them in one of my favorite urns. It is Butler’s Pantry by Lenox and is from our wedding china.

I still adore my Simply Jessica Marie desk calendar, and her artwork on the wall.

You can find a full room tour and all of the sources here:

Hope you had a lovely hump day. The sun streamed in all day and we ended ours cheering on Whit at a baseball game!

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4 thoughts on “Farmgirl Flowers in the Office

  1. Quick Question: What method/equipment do you use to keep your floors clean from dog hair? We just moved into a new house and the floors are making me crazy!!!!!

  2. Very pretty! I love the Lenox urn. When we would go in Macys when my daughter was around 12-13 years old, she would tell me that was the pattern she would pick. Well, they quit making the Butler’s Pantry and replaced it with French Perle. It has a little more of a distressed look to it. That is the pattern she chose when she married.

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