Friday Night {Lax} Lights

We were so excited to have Sister’s family join us under the Friday night lacrosse lights to cheer on John’s team! Since were were celebrating my birthday dinner afterwards, Sister got the party started early with Starbuck’s “pink drinks” for the girls. Yum!

Everyone had a great time. It was sweet and funny to see their reaction to watching John play on a real field in a real stadium after many, many years of hauling tailgate chairs to sit on the sidelines of a county field in the middle of nowhere. <3 The game was almost outperformed by the sunset!

I’m not sure how Whit managed to skitter away so quickly as to avoid this photo. (He did something to his hip during the game, hence the ice bag.)

We picked up one of our collective to-go favorites on the way home and enjoyed ourselves long into the night – eating, swimming and roasting marshmallows.

When they sang “happy birthday” around the fire pit with Jay holding “flaming marshmallow candle”, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!

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