An Easter Treat to Kick Off April

I put my kitchen to work today making a cute little Easter treat for the boys!

Cake pops and John’s favorite sugar cookies were on the dessert menu for today. He goes crazy over those precut sugar cookies that sometimes come out at holidays. They are hard to find when I’m looking so I excitedly stocked up.

I love seeing their faces light up when the come down to find little surprises like this!

And, almost as much, I LOVE seeing their faces when they bite into cake pops to find brussels sprouts.


I microwaved the brussels sprouts until about half cooked. I inserted long skewers into their centers and used a spoon to cover with candy melts, pressing down the leaves as I went to make a ball. They were not perfect, but it wasn’t a problem some sprinkles couldn’t fix. I put them into a piece of florist foam and then into the fridge to set. When hard, I put the whole foam block into the bottom of the basket and covered with Easter grass. The cookies were real, because as funny as the whole thing was, I knew they’d still want a treat.

I am the worst at keeping a poker face when doing something like this but dug deep to not give it away. Honey was the first victim and, honestly, it was priceless. John was in the room so he was also in hysterics at the whole thing. I couldn’t have my camera out, or they really would have been suspicious. I just have that moment engrained in my memory. :-)

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3 thoughts on “An Easter Treat to Kick Off April

  1. That is absolutely hilarious. I did wonder why they weren’t round and then said to myself don’t judge , they’re homemade. I so have to remember this for next year.

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