Mother’s Mini Palm Painting

I have new addition to my office – it’s colorful, coastal and very special to me as it was painted by my very own mother!

I swap out the art in this frame often, but this one may be here to stay! She painted a mini canvas for both Sister and I for part of our Mother’s Day gifts. (We also got Lilly tees!)

I have enjoyed this gorgeous bouquet sent by a high school friend and client for over a week now. This is a pared down version as I’ve just been plucking out blooms as they wilted.

The calendar is from Simply Jessica Marie. I get so excited to see what will be on the next card every time the month rolls over. I love my little office space so much! You can tour the room here:

And here:

Hope you’re having a lovely week!

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3 thoughts on “Mother’s Mini Palm Painting

  1. The palm painting is the perfect touch! What a treasure to have things created by your Mother! xo

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