Celebrating Christmas 2021 {Christmas Eve at Sisters}

It was straight from the mountains of Utah to the lowcountry of Georgia for us! We arrived in Savannah yesterday and spent most of Christmas Eve at Sister’s house! The weather was splendid at the beach and we did our annual gingerbread party and lunch with the doors wide open.

Her holiday decor was stunning, as always. Here are some snaps of the main living spaces.

We love the individual grazing boards for all sorts of soirees, and thoroughly enjoyed the lunch plates Sis put together for us!

She usually gets the pre-made gingerbread houses for the kids but opted to have them build their own this year. Welllllll, that turned out to be quite the feat.

Can you guess WHO had a little adult help with her house?????!!!!!

Regardless of the collapsed houses, it was all laughs and fun. They still aren’t too old for this tradition. And, if you’re curious, John still employed his signature “candy junkyard” move on his house.

After a day at the beach, we all moved over to Mother and Daddy-O’s home for the night!

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5 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas 2021 {Christmas Eve at Sisters}

  1. By chance, do you have a source for the light up gingerbread people or the reindeer on the coffee table? Home is beautiful.

    1. I know the gingerbread people are years old. I think she told me Hobby Lobby. I’ll ask about reindeer. :-)

  2. I love seeing your gingerbread posts as the years have gone by. This was always a favorite of my children, too. After a few years and the lack of desire to eat the hard houses, we started constructing with hot glue covered by icing. That allowed for speed of building and imaginative creations!

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