A Red {Velvet}, White and Blue Breakfast

I kicked the holiday weekend off with a fun little breakfast on the porch. And by breakfast, I suppose I mean lunch since the boys didn’t roll out of bed until around 11AM. I fondly remember those summer days.

I went a liiiiiittle crazy in the Dash store after the post-Christmas doldrums set in. The mini star waffle maker was one item in my haul, knowing I could use it for patriotic holidays and Christmas as well. Along with the waffles, I set out red, white and blue berries, mini marshmallows, butter, sparkle syrup and the festive can of whipped cream I happened to spy way, way back on the shelf.

I’ve collected the serving pieces throughout the years, but here are a few sources.

Dash Waffle Makers
Runamok Sparkle Maple Syrup
Nora Fleming (shop I order from)
Happy Everything (shop I order from)
Acrylic Sticks

The Runamok syrup is delicious! I gave it as Christmas gifts and kept a few for myself. We saw it in shops all over New England – and even a Star Spangled bottle – but Honey insisted I could not possibly carry home more syrup than I already was. (You should see the giant bottle I chose at Trapp Family Lodge!! I made him pack it in his bag in case it busted syrup all over everything. LOL.)

I don’t care for red velvet cake and, to be honest, I didn’t relish red velvet waffles either. The boys did, however, and Honey even said they were some of his favorite waffles. They were quite easy, using a boxed cake mix, and you can find the recipe below. If you like red velvet, give them a try! With every bite I kept thinking how much Jay Bird would enjoy them. He LOVES red velvet!

Red Velvet Cake Mix Waffles

I think they would be better with some sort of a cream cheese icing, which is my favorite part of red velvet.

Happy Fourth, y’all!

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4 thoughts on “A Red {Velvet}, White and Blue Breakfast

  1. What a delightful way to start the day! 😀 Thanks for the tips and ideas, Amanda. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ You’re adorable! 🍓🇺🇸🧇🇺🇸🫐🇺🇸🍯🍓 Jane ~ San Diego 🌴🇺🇸🌴

  2. How many of those tiny waffles did you have to make for your hungry boys?!! You deserve a trophy! 😀🧇🏆🧇🏆🧇 Jane ❤️

  3. 🥰🤪🤩 These are the days. ❤️❤️ 🧇🏆🧇 I am ordering the sparkle syrup this week! ✨✨✨✨ Jane 🌴

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