January Junk Out Jamboree

My Sister’s husband and I have a lot in common personality wise. I was telling him that I didn’t want to wait until Lent to do my 40 bags in 40 days clean out when we were together in Savannah. He asked why I didn’t just do it in January and “call it a January Junk Out”. I screamed YESSSS! and, just like that, my January Junk Out Jamboree was born.

I adopted the same method for my 40 bags… I made a list of 31 spaces to clean out and will tackle one each day. They are in no particular order, as I find it helps me to just pick one each morning based on other things on the schedule. I save the big items like the attic for a weekend when Honey is home to help. He actually added attic, storage room and garage to the list.

So, without further ado, here is my list in the event that it inspires any of you to join in on the January Junk Out Jamboree…

  1. garage cabinets and lockers
  2. garage closets
  3. mudroom
  4. kitchen cabinets
  5. kitchen pantry
  6. kitchen lights (basically dust and clean the bulbs)
  7. hall closet
  8. den baskets and lights
  9. dining room light
  10. dining room polish silver in china cabinet
  11. living room cabinets and desk
  12. office closet
  13. office drawers and cabinets
  14. porch
  15. john’s closet
  16. john’s drawers and desk
  17. whit’s closet
  18. whit’s drawers and secretary
  19. guest room closet
  20. guest room drawers and armoire
  21. master closet
  22. master drawers
  23. master bedside tables
  24. master bath (this should be very minimal)
  25. boy’s bath (also minimal)
  26. guest bath cabinets
  27. attic
  28. basement cabinets
  29. basement storage room
  30. my car and purse
  31. laundry room

I have my list in my handy little notebook that never leaves my sight. So far I’ve done #8, #12 and #26. Talk about tackling some low hanging fruit. :-)


I find that having really manageable items makes all the difference in sticking to the plan. I also find that cleaning out is a great way to curb bringing in anything new.


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