Dixie Delights Shop Spring Opening {NEW Birthday Cards, Birthday Tags + Jewelry}

After a log hiatus, Mother and I have reopened the Dixie Delights Shop!  You will find all of my usual stationery, pens, notebooks, etc. and Mother’s coastal jewelry.  But, we also both have a few new items to share!

Birthday Cards and Birthday Tags

Everything I create for the shop comes from something I have made for myself, my kids, my family or my friends!  The boys don’t attend nearly as many birthday parties as they used to. (Thank GOODNESS… and for mom’s younger than me, one day you won’t spend all weekend at the Little Gym.)  But, when they do, the gift of choice is always, always, always money or a gift card.  This is their favorite thing to receive (except when Whit’s friend gave him Christmas attire for Elsa…) and their favorite thing to give.  With this in mine, and seeing as John has outgrown monogrammed gift tags, I created these new pieces perfect for ALL ages and genders!

First are enclosure cards or gift tags.  We have been adding cash or a gift card to the little white envelope and wrapping it up with these DARLING, festive and yummy Birthday Cake candy bars from Trader Joe’s.   The cards are available plain or personalized.

When I can’t find the candy bar in stock, we go this route.  It is a 5×7″ (ish) sized card printed front and back with an envelope attached to the front.  It is the perfect size for a gift card or few bills.  It also includes the white outer envelope.  These are not available personalized.

Tidal Tassel Bracelets, Necklaces + More

Mother has been busy as a bee creating seven new limited edition pieces for spring.  You will find all of them in the shop, but I thought I would share my two favorites here.  I LOVE this long pink necklace with a fluffy handmade tassel.  It is the perfect “millennial” pink color that is currently all the rage.  (Farewell, Rose Gold.)

I also adore this pearl “Sunday Best” bracelet.  I cannot wait to get mine from Mother!  The white and gold will go with everything!  This will be so sweet for the upcoming communion season.

With that, I’m off!  I hope to have the shop open more frequently but the travel business is booming and my boys spring sports schedules are no joke.  Something has to give and it is usually the shop.  :-(

Dixie Delights Shop


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