Sublime Donuts

I have a confessed slight obsession with donuts.  So much so, that sweet friend M called me Friday morning, just in case I didn’t already know (which of course I DID already know) that it was National Donut Day and dear D posted a second reminder on my Facebook wall.  Those that know me know me well, I suppose.

So, to honor this momentus occasion and exuberant to have an irrefutable excuse to indulge, I headed straight to the newest donut purveyor in town – Sublime Doughnuts.  The brain child of twenty-eight year old Kamal Grant, this little hole in the wall joint peddles unbelievable hot stuffed confections such as the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup (pictured), Strawberry N Creme, Smores, Red Velvet, Chocolate Banana Fritter, Oreo and Nutella.  Oh my.

Even with all these drool worthy concoctions on the menu, they are most known for the A-Town Cream.  A spin on the Boston cream, filled with silky custard and topped with Belgian dark chocolate.  **gasp**

And since I’d intended all week to surprise new neighbor A with a little thank you for having us to the lake on Memorial Day, the A shaped A-Town Cream sparked something in the back of my twice-fried brain and I knew I had to pick up a pair.  You know, A for Amanda and A for new neighbor A.  A quick grosgrain bow and a little note thanking her for being such a “sweet” friend made for not only a gift worth getting, but a donut worth eating.

Located on the fringe of my old alma mater, this would have been quite dangerous back in the “ZTA pants” days.  (Who remembers those???)

All three boys are napping and I think I’ll hit the adult pool for a few. Sounds divine, no?

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Alligator Affair

This morning, Sister and her Mister pulled off the most fetching little summer soiree for sweet Bird’s second birthday celebration!  As usual, no detail was left untended to.  Feast your eyes on this alligator themed affair! Boxes of balloons, filled with gumballs and wrapped in festive party papers flanked the table.  Sister impressively created all… Read More

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I nearly forgot to announce the winner of my first giveaway!  By the extremely scientific method of “John pick a number between one and thirteen,” and after first announcing “one hundred forty-six,” the PCP picked comment number FOUR! Congrats Mama Bug!  You have won  a signed copy of Clay Rice’s children’s book The Lonely Shadow!!!   Send me… Read More

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Memorial Day

Like many others, we spent our long first weekend of summer soaking up the sun while enjoying the company of friends and family. We kicked off the pool season with an ice cream social Thursday afternoon.  On Friday, Honey picked the PCP up early from his last day of preschool (boo-hoo) for a father-son round of… Read More

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