Holy Birthday Batdad!

Today we celebrated Honey’s birthday!  And as we have gotten older, these celebrations seemed to have evolved from where we’ll drink to where we’ll eat. 

That being said, we kicked off the day with Honey’s breakfast of choice – cinnamon rolls.  He generally requests the Mrs. Winner’s variety (barf-o-rama), but since there isn’t one anywhere around these parts, I picked up a couple of tubes of Trader Joe’s on reco of new neighbor A.  And they were a smashing success!

After breakfast, Honey luxuriated in a mid-morning nap followed by his requisite birthday golf game.  During this time, the littles had the best afternoon helping bake the cake (read: eating as much icing as they could manage), making cards, wrapping the gift and then hiding the gift.  When discussing the cake with the PCP, he insisted that daddy would want it to be batman themed.  As in, and I quote, “Holy birthday Batdad!” themed.  And while he originally wished for the cake to be a picture of Honey’s face wearing a batman mask, he was still over the moon with a simple bat signal.  [Can you believe Cookie’s hair in the pic below?  He was nearly scalped at the hair cut place this week.  Makes my stomach turn over to think of his gorgeous, long blonde locks being swept away as we left :-( ]

Upon Honey’s arrival home, we had a little family pah-tay on the deck.  As expected, he was just as excited as the littles when he opened his new 70ft zip line, and they all set off into the wooded part of our yard to stake out a prime location for the new toy.


To round out the celebration, we spent the evening at the Japanese Steakhouse.  Cookie still loved the sushi and was still terrified of the fire.  The PCP hammed it up as soon as the chef departed, pretending to cook us a meal on the hibachi.  And Honey and I enjoyed the rare meal out where both the littles were pretty entertained.

Now the littles are in bed and we’re about to have movie night.

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