Bad Bad Bath

Get a load of our bad bad bath.  Remember that show on HGTV?  Had I owned this bath then, I definitely would have been putting my name in for a much needed makeover.  Truth be told, I never stepped foot in this nasty bath before it’s update.  But from my vantage point at the door, all I could see was ugliness.  A water stained ceiling, waaaay more wood than a bathroom should have…mirror, lights, cabinets, toothbrush holder (ew), soap dish AND the toilet seat (double ew)…and too dark of a paint color for the little space.

So in a weekend.  Literally… just a weekend… we worked our fingers to the bone and were left with a clean, fresh, bright bathroom much more suited to our tastes.  Even in my wildest dreams I really  never thought it could look this good.
Here’s a run down of how we did it:
  • Painted paneling in Benjamin Moore Snow on the Mountain to match other walls in basement
  • I made the ruffled sink skirt in Premier Prints Coral fabric in Kelp colorway.  How-To coming soon!
  • Vanity mirror, towel bars, toilet paper holder from Target.  I purchased in-store and cannot seem to find them on-line.
  • Vanity light from Shades of Light.  The splurge of the whole room!
  • Shelves designed by me and built by Honey.  Since the wall was long I wanted them to look very substantial.  Painted in high-gloss Snow on the Mountain.
  • Baskets and frames (showcasing little’s art projects) from Ikea; Already owned other accessories.
  • Rug from Ikea.
  • Faucet and NEW white toilet seat from Home Depot.
  • Towels from Wal-Mart with ruffle embellishment by moi.  Tutorial for that coming too!
  • New ceiling tiles from Ceilume – to match rest of basement.

And we did it ALL for about $450 (including the $180 light fixture splurge)!

  • $180 light
  • $30 fabric
  • $45 baskets
  • $100 faucet, towel bar, toilet paper roller, mirror, toilet seat
  • $6 towels
  • $20 frames
  • $15 rug
  • $20 supplies for shelves (already had most of the wood and supplies for the shelves and everything from the walls left over from the rest of the basement reno)
  • Other accessories we already had on hand

Pinch me now because I can hardly believe my bad bad bath…

…looks this good!
And, should you want to peruse the unabridged edition of ALL the titillating details for this entire basement project, look here for the vision, here for a eight month update, here for the bar reveal, here for the finally finished banquette, here for the buffet, here for the stairway and here for the den. 
With that, my friends, I officially proclaim the basement project complete.  Done. Finished.  Wrapped up.  I’ll take pics of the whole space real soon to share with y’all.  
I’m tickled pink to have our bath featured at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia!
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