Dear Cookie, 
I am pretty sure that the renowned and revered Emily Post would find scribbling in an etiquette book terribly poor etiquette.  (Though I’m guessing it would pale in comparison to the fact that you flushed your soiled Mickey Mouse undies right down the potty yesterday.  While we had company.)
It’s a *real* good thing you’re cute.
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Farewell, Ward the Fish aka Mr. Todd.  You will be sorely missed around these parts. Surely there’s never been a fish with fishier antics than you.  Take the time your pump malfunctioned and flooded the PCP’s room, for example.  Or the many, many times you tried to eat yourself to death after the baby fed… Read More

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Pop the Bubbly

Pop the bubbly ’cause there’s cause for celebration around these parts… …Honey got a promotion!!!  [If that’s what you call a new job, a better title, more responsibility and not a penny’s raise :-)] Details aside, I sure am proud of him!  He’s never been happier in a job.  Ever.  And that’s worth celebrating EvErYdAy!!!… Read More

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Southern Coastal

In a guest post over at Completely Coastal a few weeks back, I was delighted to share my marsh inspired color palette and the accessories that bring it full circle. A DIY oyster shell frame on the foyer table.  See how here! Signed prints from my favorite coastal artist and one-time Savannahian, Ray Ellis, in the… Read More

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Waste Free Wednesday

Today is Waste Free Wednesday at the PCP’s school and, while we try to pack a waste free lunch every day, he gets waaaay more into it during this official, once monthly event where students that comply are recognized with lavish and luxurious prizes.  Take last month’s tie-dyed reusable napkins, for instance.  You’d have thought… Read More

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